Saturday, 30 November 2013

Sleep walking towards Armageddon


With just over 4 weeks to go this country is faced with the biggest tidal wave of immigration in it's history. We are led by a spineless yes man that has not got the guts to say NO. The most this man can do is twiddle meagre policies on restricting access to benefits and threaten to deport any immigrant that begs and sleeps rough. There is a far easier solution to put an end to this madness and that is pull out of the EU and close the borders. But  this will never happen under a Conservative ,Labour or Lib Dem government. These traitors have their snouts in the trough and they will never let go of all the lucrative positions the EU has on offer for them The EU is a bolt hole for every failed politician from Kinnock to Mandelson. These traitors have given up our sovereignty to be ruled by Marxists in Brussels. I think this open border policy of free movements of peoples is a way of destroying Britain.
Roma gypsies will be on there way on mass next year
Take a look at any of our major cities now and you could mistake them for a middle eastern out post. London is by far the worst with Leicester, Coventry and Bradford not far behind. We are fast becoming a divided nation of different languages and cultures. Many of them totally incompatible with the British way of life. On the one hand we have a fast growing Islamic community colonising major towns and cities throughout England and the other a fast growing eastern European community competing for minimum wage jobs. Some Eastern Europeans have become good citizens and have made valuable contributions but there are many that should be shown the door. Do we really need car washes? Do we really need beggars selling the big issue? Why is our useless border agency allowing people into our country that have absolutely no skills, cannot speak English and have no way of supporting themselves? It really does beggar belief! 
I dread to think what next year will bring. The very worst of Europe will be making their way to our shores.Beggars, thieves and every type of criminal imaginable. This is a recipe for disaster. Sheffield is already experiencing social problems with Roma gypsies who are making the locals lives a misery. These people are not capable of living in a civilized manner. They have trashed houses, throw rubbish on the streets and spend their days drinking and gambling. One council even produced a leaflet to give out to Roma gypsies with advice on how to conduct themselves .Such advice included do not defecate or urinate in the streets this may upset your neighbours . Use a dustbin for your rubbish, don't have sex in public?? Surely if a leaflet like this needs to be produced this tells you even the Marxists in the council recognise these people are completely uncivilised. Many Roma will make there way to established Roma communities in England next year and life will get a lot worse for the few remaining Brits left there.Eventually these areas will become so overwhelmed they will no longer be able to cope.The services are already at breaking point.What will happen is other councils will be forced to take in these people.So the frightening scenario is they could end up living in your area.This will open the eyes of a lot of people who have not wanted to listen to the problems patriots have been talking about for many years. Many people have a don't see don't care attitude. Next year this will bite them on the arse.
When it gets to a point when your mothers ,wives and daughters are too scared to walk in certain areas because of gangs of Roma running amok then a turning point will be reached.I cannot see ordinary folk putting up with this forever. The politicians don't care about us and the Police are so tied up in pc lunacy it will descend into civil disorder. If Cameron had any spine at all he would do the right thing for Britain close the doors and give us a referendum now.
Roma begging on our streets will become more common place next year


Sunday, 23 September 2012

Islamic Colonisation in Burnley

This video by World Wide News Service interviewed two local ladies from Burnley.The American reporter wanted to know what life was like for local white people in this town.The report was quite distressing and I felt deeply disturbed watching it.White females dare not walk the streets after dark in case they get molested by muslim men.White children dare not leave the school gates on their own without a parent because they will be followed mugged and thrown in the canal.While the interview was being filmed a car tried to block the filming and summoned a flash mob on his mobile to try and put a stop to the filming.One of the ladies decided to make herself scarce and ran off because she knew what was coming next if she stayed talking to the reporter.The interviewer then began talking to some local muslim lads.He asked them if they believed in sharia law.One said he did but it wont happen at the moment and would only happen in a muslim country.He then went on to explain that Britain would be much better as an islamic nation and sharia law would be good.A lot of these lads where dressed in full islamic garb.As more muslims gathered glass bombs where thrown down on the film crew by angry muslims.

The American reporter was astonished to see this in the heart of an old English northern town.The area had been islamified and was now a no go area to non muslims.Local white females are constantly harrassed for sex and treated like prostitutes.The ladies warned people that if this comes to your town keep your children (especially daughters) close to you at all times.Many indigenous people left this area to go and live in areas that are still English,which seems to be the pattern all too often.Sociologists call it white flight.But people can't run forever,sooner or later a tipping point will come and we either stand up and fight or submit.The way this is developing we could have a civil war in twenty years.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Walthamstow EDL Demo

The latest EDL demo was held in London yesterday in the suburb of Walthamstow.Like the previous Bristol demo numbers where around the 300 mark according to which report you read.This demo was met with even more hostility than the Bristol demo.The Met treated the EDL patriots like wild animals and allowed the islamic/commie scumbags within 6-12 ft of the EDL marchers.Bricks,bottles,firecrackers and wood rained down on the EDL.The UAF and trade unionists managed to mobilise a big turn out to oppose the EDL demo outnumbering the EDL 3 to 1.The police should have shown a bit more gusto and got heavy with this gang of feral left wing scum but instead went for the easy option the co operative EDL patriot.The EDL where determined to reach the meeting point but the UAF led gangs stood in their way.So this time there was no speeches from Tommy,Kev or Paul Weston.Apparently Tommy nearly took a brick to the head and handed the evidence over to the Police for future prosecutions.

The EDL where then kettled in for hours without being able to use toilet facilities or get access to refreshments.Many where searched and many arrested taken to various police stations throughout the capital and then de arrested and released.Many people missed trains and buses and it took them hours to get home.I believe this is a new tactic by the police to deter people from joining future demos.David Cameron always said he will find a way to crush the EDL and this could just be the start of it.They've allowed the EDL to be attacked and now they are trying to distrupt their travel arrangements.The RMT even instructed train drivers to refuse EDL members from travelling on their trains.These union members should get on with doing their jobs and stop trying to dictate marxist agendas to the rest of us.

Many EDL members felt very angry about their treatment from the Metropolitan Police and some have vowed never to protest in London again.Many now want to stop cooperation with the police because the police do not show them any respect.Some EDL members received blows to the head from police batons.The EDL are not troublemakers they are only trying to peacefully protest and bring subjects to light that politicians shy away from.The main source of violence and mayhem always comes from the same suspects.......the left wing unwashed tramps of the UAF.The fact these scumbags continually get away with attacking EDL demonstrations leads me to believe they are state sponsored.
Police batons brutalised EDL protester

If people are prevented from speaking out in public where will it lead to next???

Quite a frightening prospect!


Sunday, 19 August 2012

Racism cuts both ways-black racist spouts racist tirade on tube train

After Emma West and Jacqueline Woodhouse where exposed by the press for racist rants on public transport,I was quite surprised with the deafening silence from the MSM regarding this young black lady who commited exactly the same act but this time against the white community.This nutcase can be seen angrily posturing up and down shouting racial obscenties aimed squarely at white people.Her remarks are definetly of a racist nature and supremacist.She makes it known to everyone on that train that she hates white people and the more black people the better.Where is the police investigation,the media circus???Where are Hope Not Hate,the Anti Fa and all the other anti racist crusaders????Come on guys your silence is deafening?This video has gone viral and yet none of these race campaigners have come forward to publicly condem this women.Could it be that racism only counts if it's against black and asian people?So when it's the other way round it doesn't count?Surely racism is racism??? To be honest I don't think anyone should be thrown in jail for voicing opinions.In the case of Emma West and Jacqueline Woodhouse a quite word from the old bill would have been more than enough.But the race brigade always want blood.They wanted these womens lives turned upside down,a witch hunt and a public flogging!Both of these women lost their jobs too....for what a drunken rant on a train.Yet it would seem if your black you can say what you want and there is no consequences. This country has a two teir justice system that stinks.It's frustrating people and I can see people starting to take matters into their own hands rather than bothering with the police.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

The EDL Marched through Bristol with heads held high!

This was to be my third demo with the EDL,this time it was Bristols turn.This demo was greeted with alot more hostility than the the Luton demo.The red/anarchist factions mobilised hundereds of rent a mob from around the country to try and cause as much disruption as possible and make it harder for the Police to marshall the demo.These reds where determined to provoke the EDL marchers into a fight and I'm sure if the Police didn't have enough man power these thugs would have broke through and the whole demo would have descended into a mass punch up.
Brainwashed Adolescents recruited to oppose the EDL
I made my way by train,as soon as we arrived at Bristol Temple Meads we where herded into a compound at the back of the train station while the Police waited for another train to arrive.We must have been there for around an hour before we where allowed to join our muster point.Finally after standing around for an eternity we marched off to the muster point at Redcliffe Wharf.As we marched through Redcliffe Way,we had to endure the hysterical rantings of brainwashed lefties,one woman ran towards the marchers screaming profanities and abuse.There where hundereds of people clicking away on mobile phones and cameras trying to get as many photos as possible.Some I imagine where genuine newspaper journalists others where collecting data for red front organisations.I can only imagine some of these photos will end up on commie web sites.Perhaps to identify marchers so they can then be attacked or intimidated in the future.This is why some marchers choose to conceal their identies with snoods,masks or scarfs.They know that making a stand against Islam can mean death threats,losing their livliehoods or even putting their families in danger.Isn't it a strange country we now live in where muslim women can walk our streets concealing their identies with the burka,yet if an English man/woman decides to conceal their identity on a legal demo they can be arrested for a section 4 offence.
When we finally arrived at our muster point which doubled up as a coach park we stood around for another hour till the Police decided it was safe enough for us to march to Queen Square.At the top of the embankment the reds hurled abuse at us and continued filming and snapping away on their cameras.One EDL man managed to unveil a large ST Georges cross with EDL Kent Division this was greeted with a huge round of applause from the EDL camp,to the annoyance of the reds.The guy had some bottle and he had to make a sharp exit when the reds cottoned on to him.At one point the Police led a batton charge at the reds which again was greeted with cheers and laughter. After chatting with many interesting people it was time for the short march to Queens Square.These reds just wouldn't give up taunting us.We all marched proudly past them with our heads held high ,we didn't care what these brain washed morons thought of us because we all knew that what we where doing was a just and righteous cause.We chanted insults back at them,there was some really funny insults too like "Get a wash,get a wash" or "We pay your benefits,we pay your benefits" as well as "Your not English anymore!".We smiled at them waved at them,we had fun showing these idiots up for the bigots they really are.Most of these dickheads where adolescent students or unemployable squtters that have not grown up and carry on living like anarcho punks from the early eighties.I think alot of these counter protesters where recruited from our universities and colleges where the far left have successfully infiltrated over the years.These young kids are extremely naive and foolish.They probably believe that they are supporting a good cause and that they are being rebellious.Well there not,they are being used as pawns by the far left.If islam does take over this country one day then alternative lifestyles will be the first to go.Make no bones about it,punk,dance, enjoying loud music,drinking wearing what you want will be outlawed and replaced with strict sharia law.So in essence they are supporting an idealogy to flourish that will one day have them persecuted.

As we entered Queens Square the loud PA system blasted out Alex and The Bandits.Great patriotic music that lifts the soul.I made my way to the merchandise tent and purchased an EDL snood and a new t shirt which I will wear with pride to the next demo.To help keep this cause going I recommend all EDL patriots buy into the merchandise because the organisation can not run on thin air.The first speaker to take to the stage was Tony Curtis,he is a brilliant orator that puts his heart and soul into every speech.He urged everyone to tell their family and their workmates about the good work the EDL does.There is no doubt about it we must wake up more and more people about this evil menace that could one day take over our country.The one thing that could help the islamists into power is apathy.Many people I know moan about immigration,the islamisation of England,the EU and the shit cabal that resides in Westminster but when it comes to the crunch they won't stand up and be counted they expect other people to do it for them.Passing round news articles on Facebook,ranting on forums or putting the world to rights down the local wont change anything.Get off your arse and join a demo!Be brave,be a patriot stand up for England!If you can't be arsed to make a stand then don't bother moaning to me because I'm sick of key board warriors!
Kevin Carroll made an appearance and gave a good speech on the cuts to the armed forces and how disgusting our soldiers are treated by this dispicable government.When tories harp on about cutting ,what they mean is cutting our armed fores our police force and institutions that are for the good of the country.They won't cut where cuts are needed like foreign aid or the EU.Now they've cut the armed forces so far back to Boer War levels will that mean pulling out of foreign conflicts and guarding British soil???Not a chance they will still follow America in spreading democracy around the world and supporting corrupt regimes.Soldiers will be made to do more and more tours of Afghan and they will be pushed to exhaustion.I'd like to see our armed forces pulled out of foreign conflicts that don't concern us.They are needed here to protect our land.The enemy is right here in our cities,it's not a goat herder in Afghanistan we need to worry about it's the jihadists in Oldham,Bradford,Tower Hamlets,Leceicester that are here planning jihad.
A transsexual called Jayne then took to the stage.She had been a member of the EDL from day one and nobody cared about her new idenity,all the crowd treated her with respect.I thought she was a very brave person to make a stand like that.She knows that gay and transexual people would be murdered if the islamists got their way.Just watch the Fitna film to see what happens in islamic countries to the gay community.
The final speech came from Chelsea Ann White.She made a fantastic speech and made some very good points.She spoke with passion and you could see she meant every word of it.
The marxist thug Martin Smith arrested yet again for public order offences

The demo came to a close we bid farewell and made our way back to the muster point.This dragged on for ages because the Anti Fa tried to attack the marchers and the Police.Bins where emptied and set fire to,eggs where pelted at us and again we had to endure incoherent verbal abuse from moronic half wit marxoids.Had these arseholes not turned up at the demo there would'nt  have been a need for so many police and we would have all gone home ages ago,but no the Anti Fa where determined to cause trouble. On the whole the EDl behaved peacefully and the only thugs came from the usual rabble of scum that always manifests itself at every patriotic gathering...the UAF.The only threat to democracy comes from this gang of poisonous biggots that use violence and intimidation to suppress freedom of speech.An organisation that is a front for the Socailist Workers Party and is funded by trade unions.Well I have a message for the UAF the EDL is not going away we will march through every town and city in the land we will not be stopped by a fascist gang of unwashed tramps.In the words of Winston Churchill "WE WILL NEVER SURRENDER!"

The muster point

Sunday, 27 May 2012

EDL to bring the protest to Bristol

The Bristol division of the EDL will be staging a demonstration in central Bristol on the 14 July.Already this has sent shockwaves through the far left campus.Anyone familiar with Bristol will know it's a hot bed of anarchist/socialist worker lowlife.There is a large grouping that has manifested itself around the Stokes Croft area of the city.A particulary unpleasant unwashed  gang of unemployable drug addled scumbags.This was the scene of a riot last year when a branch of Tescos was burned to the ground.These people have already joined online forums and blogs threatening the EDL with violence if they dare show there faces around "their" city.One local businessman who ran a market stall in the St Nicholas Market had all his stock trashed with white paint by these anarchists because they believed he was a fascist.Infact he is a scooter skin with a love for ska, northern soul and scooter rallies.Yet this was enough for these dickheads to vandalise his stock and ruin his livliehood.Even if he does hold extreme right wing beliefs it doesn't give anyone the right to trash his business.What next assaulting people in the street for having shaven heads and union jack tattoos?

Bristol is a hotbed for radical anarchists and the far left.

Farleft bloggers have posted cartoons of anarchists clutching baseball bats inciting violence against the EDL and urging fellow travellors to take to the streets and give the EDL a good kicking.These bastards have been known to throw calor gas bottles from roof tops onto Police and demonstrators.If the demo does get approval I hope to God it is policed properly otherwise it could turn very nasty.These lowlives are even worse than the UAF.They live in squats around Bristol don't work and they have absolutely nothing to lose.They will not care about getting arrested and will attempt to cause as much mayhem as possible.I would say if the anarchists break through into the demo then the EDL have every right to defend themselves but I don't think looking for a battle with these lowlives will do the EDL's cause any good at all.After all the media always focus on the EDL never the scum that cause trouble in the first place.We must not give the left any ammunition to use against us.If the demo can be kept peaceful then we will hold the moral highground and show these reds up for the contemptable scum they really are.

Anarchist lowlife causing mayhem in Stokes Croft

What amazes me about the far left is the fact they will use violence,intimidation and threatening behaviour against anyone that doesn't aggree with them yet they pretend to be the guardians of individual freedoms.The way this lot behave is no different to Hitler's brown shirts.The tactics are exactly the same.Wasn't it Hitler that trashed shops and broke skulls and yet the so called anti fascists are exactly the same.The EDL are a  human rights organisation protesting against a dangerous medievel cult that would take Britain back to the dark ages.If the muslim population is allowed to keep growing then the freedom of the individual will be erroded.Do the anti fash really believe they will be allowed to carry on spiking their hair,listening to punk music and swigging special brew?These idiots should look at countries like Indonesia or Iraq where people who have chosen alternative lifestyles have been persecuted and murdered.In Indonesia punk rockers have been beaten up by the authorities had their mohicans shaved off and sent to correction centres to learn the error of their ways.Pop star Lady Ga Ga was threatened by islamic fundamentalists on her recent tour of Indonesia.I cannot for the life of me understand why someone that follows a lifestyle like punk would want to defend a fascist cult like islam that would have them persecuted.Many of these people will be quite happy to have a pop at christianity but wouldn't dare be critical of islam because they wouldn't want to appear "racist".Well islam is not a race it's an idealogy.These people are being used by the far left as useless fools.If they did truly believe in individual freedom then they would let the EDL hold their demo in peace and show a bit of respect for different points of view.