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Interview With EPP Chairman David Fogden

English patriots making a stand!

Flag of Freedom:Please tell our readers a little bit about yourselves,when the party was formed,why the party was formed and your short and long term goals.

David Fogden:The English People's Party was formally launched on Saturday 20th November 2010 at its first general meeting in Birmingham.The party was formed because we felt there was not an English party that held broad based policies that was open and democratic.We believe that our members should decide policy and leadership.Our short term goals are to build the EPP into a force that will be able to contest local, Euro and parliamentry elections.Long term aim is to achieve political power so that we can defend the English community

Flag of Freedom:There are already several English nationalist parties,why another one and what makes you different from the rest?

David Fogden: At the time of our formation there where only 4 English nationalist parties,the English Democrats,the English Radical Alliance,the English Independence Party and the English First Party.We formed out of the EIP because many of the people that we spoke to felt that English independence was a non starter for the majority of the English people and that such a party could be labelled a single issue party.The problems with the English Democrats are well documented and hence the reason we did not join them.The EFP is a racial nationalist organisation and has links to some dubious organisations.The ERA whilst having some policies that we agree with appears to be sectarian and do not wish to have dialogue with other English nationalists.We however do have good relations with members of the EDP and the new English parties like One England and The For England Party.

Flag of Freedom: What is the party's stance on the EDL?Would you be happy to let EDL members join EPP and would you be happy to forge links with the EDL and speak at one of their demos?Could be great publicity for your party!

David Fogden: The EPP'S stance on the EDL is that they are a single issue protest organisation and are non political.We are happy for EDL members to join our party if they agree with our policies.That goes for anyone who wishes to join us.I am not sure about forging links with the EDL as they are an independent organisation and I don't believe that they want party political people to hijack their organisation.I believe the EPP may be one of the few organisations that have not tried to jump the EDL bandwagon.We wish the EDL well in their endeavours.

Flag of Freedom: What is the party's stance on the growing threat from islamic extremism, would the EPP stop the building of mosques in England and counter the growth of islamisation that is eroding English culture and recruiting jahdis?

David Fogden:We are against any ideology that is a threat to our identity and way of life.We see the problem of islamification but we also see the problems caused by globalisation.We hold neither a Washington nor a Mecca stance.

Flag of Freedom:If you came to power and formed an English parliament,what would happen to the union?Do you believe in total independence from Scotland,Wales and Northern Ireland or do you favour a similar position to that of Scotland at present?

David Fogden: Our position at present is for a federal UK.We believe each nation should be allowed to run it's own internal affairs but be united in defence and foreign policy.We would like to see sister parties in each of the home nations.

Flag of Freedom:How would you best describe the EPP's ideology?

David Fogden: The EPP is a populist English nationalist party which supports all the peoples of England but who have a sympathetic ear for the English community.

Flag of Freedom:What would the EPP do about the colossal welfare state?Would it not be better to take a leaf out of Germany's book and chuck money at manufacturing rather paying people to sit idle at home?As the old saying goes idleness does the devils work.

David Fogden: The welfare state in principle was a good idea but people have abused it and are beginning to rely too much on hand outs.We initiate reforms and also lower taxation on both the individual and business to help people back to work.

Flag of Freedom:What is the party's position on foreign aid?

David Fogden: We are against foreign aid we believe that we should support our own people.It is madness that this and previous governments give millions in foreign aid whilst our own people suffer at home.We believe that countries should be self reliant and this could be done by fair trade programmes.We are strongly against the use of slave labour by globalist companies.

Flag of Freedom:Would the EPP pull England out of the EU?

David Fogden: The EPP call for the prompt exit of England from the EU.We believe in international co-operation but not at the expense of national independence.

Flag of Freedom:Does the EPP have any thoughts on reforming the voting sytem,Westminster and the House of Lords?

David Fogden: We would introduce proportional representation and would support the idea of reform of the House of Lords.

Flag of Freedom:Would the EPP withdraw troops from Afghanistan and stop getting our small country involved in fighting conflicts across the globe is it not time we accepted we are not an Empire anymore and we can't afford to be acting as global policemen?

David Fogden: Yes we would withdraw our troops from Afghanistan and would not involve our troops in wars that where of no concern to the English nation.

Flag of Freedom:Do you have any ideas on how to regenerate life back into our high streets?What our your thoughts on corporate bullies such as Tesco?

David Fogden:We would encourage campaigns where we support local businesses and would lower taxes for them whilst putting higher taxes on globalist companies.

Flag of Freedom:Would you make ST Georges day a national Holiday?

David Fogden: Yes!

Flag of Freedom:Do you think it was a big mistake made by the last Labour government to encourage many young people to go to University that maybe where not up to it and wasting time and money doing pointless courses like media studies.Would it not be better to fund courses that are a benefit to the country such as engineering,science,medicine,technology etc.Many of the best economies in the world put more emphasis into these subjects while Britain has been left short of valuable talent.Shouldn't we be training our own people rather than importing people to do these highly skilled jobs?

David Fogden:Simple answer to that we agree with this question.

Flag of Freedom:Would the EPP bring back National Service?

David Fogden: We do not have a policy in this regards.I am aware that the army are not in favour of national service.I would like to see a community service programme where young people did service helping in their local communities.

Flag of Freedom:If the day came and the EPP where elected into power and England got it's own parliament would you change the National anthem?

David Fogden: Yes but I think there should be some debate as to what it should be.

Flag of Freedom:Would you keep the Royal Family or are you in favour of a Republic?

David Fogden: I think the Royal Family should be maintained.

Flag of Freedom:Would you scrap the TV licence?

David Fogden: Yes!

Flag of Freedom:Who in your opinion was the greatest politician since the last World War?

David Fogden: As no politician since the second world war has stood up for the English people we would suggest there has been none.

Flag of Freedom:How much does it cost to join the EPP and what do you get for your subscription?

David Fogden: FULL- Anyone joining as a member can become a party official and qwill also have full voting rights.We hope that members will be able to actively support the party,but we fully appreciate that family life and employment must take priority.Members will receive both all e-communications and also a number of mail shots.Membership costs £15 per annum,with a reduced rate of £8 for those unwaged,under 18 or over 65.

SUPPORTER-This level is open to anyone who supports the party and our basic aims.Supporters can be active or not,as they wish,but they cannot be officials or vote on party business.All communications are by email only.Membership costs £5 per annum.

What do you get for your subscription the knowledge that you are fighting to save your people and country.None of us are paid for our positions all money that is sent to us in the form of subscriptions or donations is put straight back into building the party.

Flag of Freedom: Thank you for taking the trouble to tell us about the English Peoples Party and sharing your ideas with us.All the best for the future!

David Fogden: Thanks for contacting us and readers can find out more about us via our webpage

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Fitna-The Most Important Film Ever Made!

The Failure of Multi Culturalism And How To Turn The Tide

Geert Wilders Speech Rome March 25 2011

Signore e signori, ladies and gentlemen, dear friends of the Magna Carta Foundation, molte grazie. Thank you for inviting me to Rome. It is great to be here in this beautiful city which for many centuries was the capital and the centre of Europe’s Judeo-Christian culture.

Together with Jerusalem and Athens, Rome is the cradle of our Western civilization – the most advanced and superior civilization the world has ever known.

As Westerners, we share the same Judeo-Christian culture. I am from the Netherlands and you are from Italy. Our national cultures are branches of the same tree. We do not belong to multiple cultures, but to different branches of one single culture. This is why when we come to Rome, we all come home in a sense. We belong here, as we also belong in Athens and in Jerusalem.

It is important that we know where our roots are. If we lose them we become deracinated. We become men and women without a culture.

I am here today to talk about multiculturalism. This term has a number of different meanings. I use the term to refer to a specific political ideology. It advocates that all cultures are equal. If they are equal it follows that the state is not allowed to promote any specific cultural values as central and dominant. In other words: multiculturalism holds that the state should not promote a leitkultur, which immigrants have to accept if they want to live in our midst.

It is this ideology of cultural relativism which the German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently referred to when she said that multiculturalism has proved “an absolute failure.”

My friends, I dare say that we have known this all along. Indeed, the premise of the multiculturalist ideology is wrong. Cultures are not equal. They are different, because their roots are different. That is why the multiculturalists try to destroy our roots.

Rome is a very appropriate place to address these issues. There is an old saying which people of our Western culture are all familiar with. “When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” it says. This is an obvious truth: If you move somewhere, you must adapt to the laws and customs of the land.

The multicultural society has undermined this rule of common sense and decency. The multicultural society tells the newcomers who settle in our cities and villages: You are free to behave contrary to our norms and values. Because your norms and values are just as good, perhaps even better, than ours.

It is, indeed, appropriate to discuss these matters here in Rome, because the history of Rome also serves as a warning.

Will Durant, the famous 20th century American historian, wrote that “A great civilization cannot be destroyed from outside if it has not already destroyed itself from within.” This is exactly what happened here, in Rome, 16 centuries ago.

In the 5th century, the Roman Empire fell to the Germanic Barbarians. There is no doubt that the Roman civilization was far superior to that of the Barbarians. And yet, Rome fell. Rome fell because it had suffered a loss of belief in its own civilization. It had lost the will to stand up and fight for survival.

Rome did not fall overnight. Rome fell gradually. The Romans scarcely noticed what was happening. They did not perceive the immigration of the Barbarians as a threat until it was too late. For decades, Germanic Barbarians, attracted by the prosperity of the Empire, had been crossing the border.

At first, the attraction of the Empire on newcomers could be seen as a sign of the cultural, political and economic superiority of Rome. People came to find a better life which their own culture could not provide. But then, on December 31st in the year 406, the Rhine froze and tens of thousands of Germanic Barbarians, crossed the river, flooded the Empire and went on a rampage, destroying every city they passed. In 410, Rome was sacked.

The fall of Rome was a traumatic experience. Numerous books have been written about the cataclysmal event and Europeans were warned not to make the same mistake again. In 1899, in his book ‘The River War,’ Winston Churchill warned that Islam is threatening Europe in the same way as the Barbarians once threatened Rome. “Mohammedanism,” Churchill wrote – I quote – “is a militant and proselytizing faith. No stronger retrograde force exists in the World. […] The civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome.” End of quote.

Churchill is right. However, if Europe falls, it will fall because, like ancient Rome, it no longer believes in the superiority of its own civilization. It will fall because it foolishly believes that all cultures are equal and that, consequently, there is no reason why we should fight for our own culture in order to preserve it.

This failure to defend our own culture has turned immigration into the most dangerous threat that can be used against the West. Multiculturalism has made us so tolerant that we tolerate the intolerant.

Ladies and gentlemen, make no mistake: Our opponents are keenly aware of our weakness. They realize that the pattern which led to the fall of Rome, is at play today in the West. They are keenly aware of the importance of Rome as a symbol of the West. Over and over again they hint at the fall of Rome. Rome is constantly on their minds.

The former Turkish Prime Minister Erbakan said – I quote: “The whole of Europe will become Islamic. We will conquer Rome”.
Yunis al-Astal, a Hamas cleric and member of the Palestinian Parliament said – I quote: “Very soon Rome will be conquered.”
Ali Al-Faqir, the former Jordanian Minister of Religion, stated that – I quote: “Islam will conquer Rome.”
Sheikh Muhammad al-Arifi, imam of the mosque of the Saudi Defence Academy, said – I quote: “We will control Rome and introduce Islam in it.”
Our opponents are hoping for an event that is akin to the freezing of the Rhine in 406, when thousands of immigrants will be given an easy opportunity to cross massively into the West.

In a 1974 speech to the UN, the Algerian President Houari Boumédienne, said – I quote: “One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory.” End of quote.
Libyan dictator Kadhafi said, I quote: “There are tens of millions of Muslims in the European continent today and their number is on the increase. This is the clear indication that the European continent will be converted into Islam. Europe will one day soon be a Muslim continent.” End of quote.
Our opponents are aiming for a repetition of the fall of Rome in the 5th century and want to use exactly the same methods. “The strategy of exporting human beings and having them breed in abundance is the simplest way to take possession of a territory,” warned the famous Italian author Oriana Fallaci.

However, the situation today could be worse than it was when the Roman Empire fell. The Germanic Barbarians who overran Rome were not driven by an ideology. After having sacked Rome, they eventually adopted the Judeo-Christian civilization of Rome. They destroyed Rome because they wanted its riches, but they realized and recognized that Roman civilization was superior to their own Barbaric culture.

Having destroyed Rome, the Germanic tribes eventually tried to rebuild it. In 800, the Frankish leader Charlemagne had himself crowned Roman Emperor. Three hundred years later, the Franks and the other Europeans would go on the Crusades in defence of their Christian culture. The Crusades were as Oriana Fallaci wrote – I quote – a “counter-offensive designed to stem Islamic expansionism in Europe.” Rome had fallen, but like a phoenix it had risen again.

Contrary to the Barbarians which confronted Rome, the followers of Muhammad are driven by an ideology which they want to impose on us.

Islam is a totalitarian ideology. Islamic Shariah law supervises every detail of life. Islam is not compatible with our Western way of life. Islam is a threat to our values. Respect for people who think otherwise, the equality of men and women, the equality of homosexuals and heterosexuals, respect for Christians, Jews, unbelievers and apostates, the separation of church and state, freedom of speech, they are all under pressure because of islamization.

Europe is islamizing at a rapid pace. Many European cities have large islamic concentrations. In some neighbourhoods, Islamic regulations are already being enforced. Women’s rights are being trampled. We are confronted with headscarves and burqa’s, polygamy, female genital mutilation, honour-killings. “In each one of our cities” says Oriana Fallaci, “there is a second city, a state within the state, a government within the government. A Muslim city, a city ruled by the Koran.” – End of quote.

Ladies and gentlemen, make no mistake: The multiculturalist Left is facilitating islamization. Leftist multiculturalists are cheering for every new shariah bank, for every new islamic school, for every new mosque. Multiculturalists consider Islam as being equal to our own culture. Shariah law or democracy? Islam or freedom? It doesn’t really matter to them. But it does matter to us. The entire leftist elite is guilty of practising cultural relativism. Universities, churches, trade unions, the media, politicians. They are all betraying our hard-won liberties.

Ladies and gentlemen, what is happening in Europe today has to some extent been deliberately planned

In October 2009, Andrew Neather, the former advisor of British Prime Minister Tony Blair, confirmed that the British Government had deliberately organized mass immigration as part of a social engineering project. The Blair Government wanted to – I quote – “make the UK truly multicultural.” To achieve this end, 2.3 million foreigners were allowed to enter Britain between 2000 and 2009. Neather says this policy has “enriched” Britain.

Ordinary people, however, do not consider the decline of societal cohesion, the rise of crime, the transformation of their old neighborhoods into no-go zones, to be an “enrichment.”

Ordinary people are well aware that they are witnessing a population replacement phenomenon. Ordinary people feel attached to the civilization which their ancestors created. They do not want it to be replaced by a multicultural society where the values of the immigrants are considered as good as their own. It is not xenophobia or islamophobia to consider our Western culture as superior to other cultures – it is plain common sense.

Fortunately, we are still living in a democracy. The opinion of ordinary people still matters. I am the leader of the Dutch Party of Freedom which aims to halt the Islamization process and defend the traditional values and liberties in the Netherlands. The Party of Freedom is the fastest growing party in the Netherlands.

Because the message of my party is so important, I support initiatives to establish similar parties in other countries, such as Germany, France and the United Kingdom, where they do not yet exist. Last month, a poll in Britain showed that a staggering 48 percent of the British would consider supporting a non-fascist and non-violent party that vows to crack down on immigration and Islamic extremists and restrict the building of mosques. In October last year, I was in Berlin where I gave a keynote speech at a meeting of Die Freiheit, a newly established party led by René Stadtkewitz, a former Christian-Democrat. German polls indicate that such a party has a potential of 20 percent of the electorate.

My speech, in which I urged the Germans to stop feeling ashamed about their German identity drew a lot of media attention. Two weeks later, German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that multiculturalism is “an absolute failure.” Horst Seehofer, the leader of the Bavarian Christian-Democrats, was even more outspoken. “Multiculturalism is dead,” he said.

Last month, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said: “We have been too concerned about the identity of the immigrant and not enough about the identity of the country that was receiving him.” – End of quote.

Five weeks ago, British Prime Minister David Cameron blamed multiculturalism for Islamic extremism. “We have allowed the weakening of our collective identity,” he said. “Under the doctrine of state multiculturalism, we have encouraged different cultures to live […] apart from the mainstream.” – End of quote.

In his speech, David Cameron still makes a distinction between the Islamist ideology, which he calls extremist and dangerous, and Islam, which he says is peaceful religion. I do not share this view, and neither did Cameron’s great predecessor Winston Churchill. Stating that Islam is peaceful is a multiculturalist dogma which is contrary to the truth.

Politicians such as Merkel. Sarkozy and Cameron still do not seem to have understood what the problem really is. Nevertheless, the fact that they feel compelled to distance themselves from multiculturalism is a clear indication that they realize they need to pay lip-service to what the majority of their populations have long understood. Namely that the massive influx of immigrants from Islamic countries is the most negative development that Europe has known in the past 50 years.

Yesterday, a prestigious poll in the Netherlands revealed that 50 percent of the Dutch are of the opinion that Islam and democracy are not compatible, while 42 percent think they are. Even two thirds of the voters of the Liberal Party and of the Christian-Democrat Party are convinced that Islam and democracy are not compatible.

This, then, is the political legacy of multiculturalism. While the parties of the Left have found themselves a new electorate, the establishment parties of the Right still harbour their belief that Islam is a religion of peace on a par with peaceful religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and others.

The problem with multiculturalism is a refusal to see reality. The reality that our civilization is superior, and the reality that Islam is a dangerous ideology.

Today, we are confronted with political unrest in the Arab countries. Autocratic regimes, such as that of Ben Ali in Tunisia, Mubarak in Egypt, Kadhafi in Libya, the Khalifa dynasty in Bahrain, and others, have been toppled or are under attack. The Arab peoples long for freedom. This is only natural. However, the ideology and culture of Islam is so deeply entrenched in these countries that real freedom is simply impossible. As long as Islam remains dominant there can be no real freedom.

Let us face reality. On March 8, the International Women’s Day, 300 women demonstrated on Cairo’s Tahrir Square in post-Mubarak Egypt. Within minutes, the women were charged by a group of bearded men, who beat them up and dragged them away. Some were even sexually assaulted. The police did not interfere. This is the new Egypt: On Monday, people demonstrate for freedom; on Tuesday, the same people beat up women because they, too, demand freedom.

I fear that in Islamic countries, democracy will not lead to real freedom. A survey by the American Pew Center found that 59 percent of Egyptians prefer democracy to any other form of government. However, 85 percent say that Islam’s influence on politics is good, 82 percent believe that adulterers should be stoned, 84 percent want the death penalty for apostates, and 77 percent say that thieves should be flogged or have their hands cut off.

Ronald Reagan was right when he called Kadhafi a “mad dog.” However, we should not harbor the illusion that there can be real freedom and real democracy in a country where Islam is dominant. There is no doubt that the results of the Pew survey in Egypt apply in Libya, too. It is not in our interest to bring the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Tripoli and install a khalifate in Libya.

Of course, the world has to stop Kadhafi from killing his own people. However, as UN Resolution 1973 stated last week, this is primarily the responsibility of – I quote – “in particular [the] States of the region.” End of quote. Why does a country like the Netherlands have to contribute six F16 fighter jets to enforce the arms embargo in Libya, while Saudi Arabia does not contribute a single plane from its fleet of nearly 300 fighter jets? Arabs are dying, but the Arab countries are shirking their responsibilities.

And one of the major threats of the current crisis is not even addressed by our leaders: How are we going to prevent that thousands of economic fugitives and fortune seekers cross the Mediterranean and arrive at place like Lampedusa? Now that Tunisia is liberated, young Tunisians should help to rebuild their country instead of leaving for Lampedusa. Europe cannot afford another influx of thousands of refugees.

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is time to wake up. We need to confront reality and we need to speak the truth. The truth is that Islam is evil, and the reality is that Islam is a threat to us.

Before I continue I want to make clear, however, that I do not have a problem with Muslims as such. There are many moderate Muslims. That is why I always make a clear distinction between the people and the ideology, between Muslims and Islam. There are many moderate Muslims, but there is no such thing as a moderate Islam.

Islam strives for world domination. The koran commands Muslims to exercise jihad and impose shariah law.

Telling the truth about immigration and warning that Islam might not be as benevolent as the ruling elite says, has been made a hate speech crime in several EU member states. As you probably know, I have been brought to court on charges of hate speech. That is the paradox of the multicultural society. It claims to be pluralistic, but allows only one point of view of world affairs, namely that all cultures are equal and that they are all good.

The fact that we are treated as criminals for telling the truth must not, however, deter us. The truth that Islam is evil has always been obvious to our ancestors. That is why they fought. It was very clear to them that our civilization was far superior to Islam.

It is not difficult to understand why our culture is far better than Islam. We Europeans, whether we be Christians, Jews, agnostics or atheists, believe in reason. We have always known that nothing good could be expected from Islam.

While our culture is rooted in Jerusalem, Athens and Rome, Islam’s roots are the desert and the brain of Muhammad. Our ancestors understood the consequences very well. The Koran, wrote the historian Theophanes, who lived in the second half of the 8th century, is based on hallucinations.

“Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman,” the Byzantine Emperor Manuel II said in 1391, adding: “God is not pleased by blood – and not acting reasonable is contrary to God’s nature.”

For 1,400 years, Westerners have been criticizing Islam and its founder because they recognized evil when they saw it. But then, suddenly, in the last decades of the past century, especially from the 1970s onwards, Western intellectuals stopped doing so.

The moral and cultural relativism of Marxism led the West’s political and intellectual elites to adopt a utopian belief in a universal brotherhood of mankind.

Multiculturalism is a culture of repudiation of Europe’s heritage and freedoms. It weakens the West day by day. It leads to the self-censorship of the media and academia, the collapse of the education system, the emasculation of the churches, the subversion of the nation-state, the break-down of our free society.

While today – at last – our leaders seem to realize what a disastrous failure multiculturalism has been, multiculturalism is not dead yet. More is needed to defeat multiculturalism than the simple proclamations that it has been an “absolute failure.” What is needed is that we turn the tide of Islamization.

There are a few things which we can do in this regard.

One thing which we should do is to oppose the introduction of Sharia or Islamic law in our countries. In about a dozen states in the United States, legislation is currently being introduced to prevent the introduction of Sharia. In early May, I will be travelling to the U.S. to express my support to these initiatives. We should consider similar measures in Europe.

Another thing which we should do is support Muslims who want to leave Islam. An International Women’s Day is useless in the Arab world if there is no International Leave Islam Day. I propose the introduction of such a day in which we can honor the courageous men and women who want to leave Islam. Perhaps we can pick a symbolic date for such a day and establish an annual prize for an individual who has turned his back on Islam or an organization which helps people to liberate themselves from Islam. It is very easy to become a Muslim. All one has to do is to pronounce the Shahada, the Islamic creed, which says – I quote “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.” It should be equally easy to leave Islam by pronouncing a counter-Shahada, which says “I leave Islam and join humankind.”

A third measure to turn the tide of Islamization is to reemphasize the sovereignty of the nation-state. The peoples of the free world will only be able to fight back against Islam if they can rally around a flag with which they can identify. This flag, symbolizing pre-political loyalty, can only be the flag of our nation. In the West, our freedoms are embodied in our nation-states. This is why the multiculturalists are hostile to the nation-state and aim to destroy it.

National identity is an inclusive identity: It welcomes everyone, whatever his religion or race, who is willing to assimilate into a nation by sharing the fate and future of a people. It ties the individual to an inheritance, a tradition, a loyalty, and a culture.

I want to elaborate a bit on this since we are gathered here today in Rome. Again, it is appropriate that we are in Rome. In this city, in 1957, and – what an ironic coincidence – on this very day, the 25th of March, the Treaty of Rome was signed. This Treaty obliges the member states of the European Union to aim for “an ever closer union.”

Unfortunately, this union, like other multinational organizations, has become one of the vehicles for the promotion of multiculturalism. The EU has fallen in the hands of a multiculturalist elite who by undermining national sovereignty destroy the capacity of the peoples of Europe to democratically decide their own future.

The new government in my country, which is supported by my party, wants to restrict immigration. That is what our voters want. But we are confronted by the fact that our policies have to a large extent been outsourced to “Europe” and that our voters no longer have a direct say over their own future.

On account of international treaties, EU legislation prevails over national legislation and cannot be reversed by national parliaments. Indeed, in 2008, the European Court of Justice, the highest court in the EU, annulled both Irish and Danish immigration legislation. The Court stated that national law is subordinate to whatever is ruled on the European level. In March 2010, the European Court of Justice annulled Dutch legislation restricting family reunification for immigrants on welfare.

The ease with which Europe’s political elite conducts an immigration policy aimed at the deracination of Europe shows the insensitivity of this elite. It willingly sacrifices its own people to its political goal, without any consideration for the people involved.

Lower class blue-collar people have been driven from their neighborhoods. There is no respect for their democratic vote. On the contrary, people who do not agree with the multiculturalist schemes are considered to be racists and xenophobes, while the undefined offence of “racism and xenophobia” has been made central to all moral pronouncements by the European Union, the Council of Europe, the United Nations, and other supra-national organizations. This represents a systematic assault by the elite on the ordinary feelings of national loyalty.

In 2008, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe stated that the member-states must – I quote – “condemn and combat Islamophobia” and ensure “that school textbooks do not portray Islam as a hostile or threatening religion.” – end of quote.

In March 2010, the United Nations Human Rights Council passed a resolution criminalizing so-called “defamation of religions.” The resolution, authored by Pakistan, mentions only one religion by name: Islam. With its 57 member states the Organization of the Islamic Conference systematically uses its voting power in the UN to subvert the concept of freedom and human rights. In 1990, the OIC rejected the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights and replaced it by the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam, which states in articles 24 that – I quote – “All the rights and freedoms stipulated in this Declaration are subject to the Islamic Sharia.” – end of quote.

This “human rights” charade has to stop if Western civilization wants to survive. Human rights exist for the protection of individuals, not religions and ideologies.

The EU’s aim, meanwhile, seems to be to destroy the old sovereign nations and replace them by new provincial identities, which are all clones of each other. Britanistan will not differ from Netherlandistan, nor Germanistan from Italiastan, or any other province of the European superstate in the making.

We must reclaim Europe. We can only do so by giving political power back to the nation-state. By defending the nation-states which we love, we defend our own identity. By defending our identity, we defend who we are and what we are against those who want to deracinate us. Against those who want to cut us from our roots, so that our culture withers away and dies.

My friends,

Twenty years after the ordinary people, Europe’s mainstream conservative leaders, such as Merkel, Sarkozy and Cameron, have finally – better late than never – come to the obvious conclusion, namely that multiculturalism is a failure. However, they do not have a plan to remedy the situation.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for change. We must make haste. Time is running out. Ronald Reagan said: “We need to act today, to preserve tomorrow”. That is why I propose the following measures in order to preserve our freedom:

First, we will have to defend freedom of speech. It is the most important of our liberties. If we are free to speak, we will be able to tell people the truth and they will realize what is at stake.

Second, we will have to end cultural relativism. To the multiculturalists, we must proudly proclaim: Our Western culture is far superior to the Islamic culture. Only when we are convinced of that, we will be willing to fight for our own identity.

Third, we will have to stop Islamization. Because more Islam means less freedom. We must stop immigration from Islamic countries, we must expel criminal immigrants, we must forbid the construction of new mosques. There is enough Islam in Europe already. Immigrants must assimilate and adapt to our values: When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Fourth, we must restore the supremacy and sovereignty of the nation-state. Because we are citizens of these states, we can take pride in them. We love our nation because they are our home, because they are the legacy which our fathers bestowed on us and which we want to bestow on our children. We are not multiculturalists, we are patriots. And because we are patriots, we are willing to fight for freedom.

Let me end with a final – and a positive – remark: Though the situation is bad and multiculturalism is still predominant, we are in better shape than the Roman Empire was before its fall.

The Roman Empire was not a democracy. The Romans did not have freedom of speech. We are the free men of the West. We do not fight for an Empire, we fight for ourselves. We fight for our national republics. You fight for Italy, I fight for the Netherlands, others fight for France, Germany, Britain, Denmark or Spain. Together we stand. Together we represent the nations of Europe.

I am confident that if we can safeguard freedom of speech and democracy, our civilization will be able to survive. Europe will not fall. We, Europe’s patriots, will not allow it.

Thank you very much.

Cameron Now Thinks He's Jesus Christ!

Cameron has turned into Tony Blair MK2.He is more interested  in struting the world stage rather than serving the British People!
David Cameron has pledged to give even more of our hard earned cash to overseas aid at a time when Whitehall is exercising massive cuts on our public services.He is even prepared to enshrine a law that guarantees 0.7% of National income is diverted overseas.All this when we are massively in debt,companies going to the wall on a weekly basis and rising unemployment.Who the hell does he think he is?This is our money he is splashing about.Did he ever bother to find out if the British people want their tax spent in this way?No he wouldn't would he because he behaves like some silly sixth form student out to save the world.He remembers Live Aid back in 1985 and he doesn't want to turn his back on the worlds poor so now's his chance to shine,now's his chance to strut the world stage and show Bob & Bono what a nice guy he is!As far as I'm concerned giving money to third world nations should be left to charities,then people can make an informed decision whether they want to give or not.

Cameron got his inspiration from old rockers Bob & Bono after watching Live Aid in 1985

He now wants to throw £110 million of taxpayers cash to Tunisia and Egypt over the next 4 years to promote the Arab Spring.This he claims will help foster democracy,prevent war and will stop the arabs emigrating to the UK.The money will be channelled towards charities,small businesses and pro democracy groups.Er hang on a mo Davey what about helping small businesses in this country.Didn't people elect you to serve British interests?Or is that asking too much!

Britain now spends more on foreign aid as a percentage of national income than any other country in the world and has increased it's levels by 74% three times more than Italy and Japan.The foreign aid bill is to rise from 8.7 billion in 2011-2012 to 12 billion in 2014.Imagine what that amount of money could do if it was spent here.I'm sure the NHS could use a little,there's pot holes in the roads that need filling and I'm sure our armed forces could do with some better equipment.A few tory back benchers have voiced their disgust at this obscene waste of money and Liam Fox the Minister of Defence has spoken out against it as well.Whitehall wants to cut £300 million from the forces bill.They've even threatened to cut the £180 a month danger money Para's get while on tour in Afghanistan.The government would like to reduce it to 3 companies of 160 men.Talk about penny pinching!Can you imagine how much that would effect the moral of front line troops.At least Liam Fox has shown the courage to speak out and he has pledged that he will not authorise any more cuts to front line troops.I hope he keeps to his word...but then again he is a politician and a tory so don't be surprised if he does one of those U turns!

Just think what £8.5 Billion could do for OUR country!

This madness has to be stopped,the government is borrowing vast amounts of money to then give away to countries that could very easily manage without these handouts.If it caries on it will eventually finish Britain and then we will be out with our begging bowl.Only I don't think other countries will be as keen to save us!

Friday, 27 May 2011

Let's Blame the jews!

This latest video hits the nail on the head.There seems to be a determined small group of people who are convinced that the jews are running the world.They will have you believe the Rothschilds control the bank of England and that there is an elite Kabal that are behind the scenes controlling world governments.They will even try and convince you that they are the architects of multi culturalism.If this is the case then why are so many jews now leaving Europe because of attacks from islamic extremists?Multiculturalism created the conditions for anti semitism to thrive once again because of the continual appeasement of islam.Jewish people only represent 0.2% of the worlds population and Israel is the size of an English county,so how on earth can they be controlling a world government? I get fed up with idiots posting these ridiculous theories on my Facebook page.I've had spotty adolescents try telling me I'm ill informed because I don't buy into their stupid propaganda.I've been told I should educate myself and do my research.Research usually means downloading videos from US white supremacists like David Duke.There have been jewish people living in England for many,many years.They are decent law abiding people that have made many valuable contributions to this country.They have fitted in well and they have embraced the British way of life wholeheartedly.They don't try forcing their religion or culture on the rest of us,they pay their way and just want to get on.Unlike many free loaders that have come to our shores in recent times.
Anyway that's enough from me over to Pat!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Why Nationalism Needs to Grow Up!

For many years now I've been a firm believer in moderate nationalism.Like many sensible people I would like to see with drawl from the EU,an end to mass immigration and the return of our sovereignty.Back in 2005 I decided to vote BNP and I have done in the recent Euro and General elections.Like a lot of people I fell for the spin,I believed the BNP had moved on and had ditched all the toxic poison it used to preach.I thought the BNP had evolved into a moderate nationalist party.How wrong I was!
Lets face it the BNP seemed to be on a roll.They had a GLA member,they almost had the Barking council and they had two MEPS elected in 2009.So what's gone wrong for the BNP and why does nationalist politics always fall on it's arse in this country?

Marine LePen leading the way!

When you look at parties in Europe they are in the fast lane while the BNP is still struggling to find first gear.Parties like the Front National or the Dutch PVV have enjoyed unprecedented success.They are led by dynamic personalities that have outstanding leadership qualities.Since Marine LePen took over the Front from her father she has transformed it into a moderate forward thinking party that now appeals to a wider audience,many of whom would never have contemplated voting FN before.The anti semitism has been consigned to the dustbin and now there is a message of culture not colour.Even election posters feature members from the ethnic minorities.European nationalism is successful because they have realised that preaching race hate,anti semitism and homophobia is an absolute turn off for voters.Many people have Grandparents that remember what happened the last time a racial nationalist party was given power and they do not want this kind of politics ever again.European nationalists focus on preserving freedom,democracy,culture and sovereignty.Like the west fought fascism and nazisim over 60 years ago now they have rallied the people to stand up to islamo fascism.The creeping tentacles of Islam stretches over every part of our society it is like a slow gradual process over transformation.The goal of every islamist is to create a Eurabia and they are being free to carry out their mission because the west is shackled by political correctness.Even if Marine does not win the Presidency she will come a close second and the ruling government will be forced to take more radical action against mass immigration and Islam.The fact she is female and is a crusader for womens rights also wins her a massive voting block which has never been possible when her father was leader.They will become a very powerful force in French politics!

The reason the BNP fails to make a break through is due to a few very important reasons.Since 1999 it has been led by Nick Griffin a man that has been banged up for inciting racial hatred,a man that was very keen on holocaust denial and for a long time was involved with the extreme racial nationalist party the National Front.How on earth can a party led  by a man with this background be expected to be taken seriously by the electorate?Oh and don't forget his friendship with KKK wizard David Duke or his fund raising meeting with despot Colonel Gaddafi.The man is a pariah he is treated with contempt by many including most of his own party.So what do the last remaining BNP members do to try and oust this tin pot dictator?Put up another neo nazi to contest the leadership.Yes Richard Edmonds can you believe it.Another holocaust denying white supremacist.Are these dickheads on a suicide mission or what?

Nick Griffin the pariah of British Politics

Many of the more fanatical BNP members cannot seem to grasp the fact that the electorate does not actually want ethno/racial nationalism.It is not a vote winner and it never will be.All the evidence is there it's obvious to anyone with even the most minimal intelligence.If the British people wanted ethno nationalism don't you think the BNP would have had MP S in Westminster by now.In the last council elections they where wiped out completely and rejected by the electorate.If you asked an ordinary person what he thought of ethnic nationalism it would probably conjure up images of a police state putting people into concentration camps,the state checking everyones ancestry to see if they are pure enough to be British and a system of apartheid.I bet you that's what a lot of people think of this kind of politics.What would they do send everyone to racial awareness centres for racial profiling ,start measuring noses skulls and take DNA from us.It is the politics of the madhouse.Ethno nationalism only exists in the heads of dreamers,it's pure fantasy and totally unworkable.But no matter how much evidence you show these fools,they just don't want to hear it.They believe everything their leader tells them.You can't debate with these people.They don't want to hear new ideas,their brains shut down to constructive criticism.They would rather cling on to their obsessive ideology of race hate and anti semetic conspiracies instead of learning new ideas and trying something new.It is a bit like going to a car dealership and buying a car.You go in with a figure of £5 grand and you want a 5 door hatch that is suitable for the needs of your family.You tell the salesman your needs and what you want from your new car.So instead for showing you the car you actually want to buy he takes you to the 20 grand Mercedes Sports car.He waffles on for two hours telling you how fast it goes,shows you the luxurious interior leather,the air con and the alloy wheels.Two hours passes your pissed off,you feel small,you feel poor because there's no way you can afford this extravagance and what really pisses you off is the salesmen did not listen to you!This is the point I'm trying to make about the BNP and it's small band of fanatical followers,they don't actually take the trouble to find out what people actually want and will vote for.They are arrogant,they think they know what's best for us.They cling on to the hope that one day the people will wake up and they will turn to ethnic nationalism."When the crises comes the people will awaken and the British people will take back their nation and our kin will be saved."This is the type of shit that appears on internet forums on a daily basis.They try telling us they've changed and then they post idiotic comments on Facebook and internet forums.

The typical racial nationalist clings to his ideology like a brain dead zombie  

The BNP can only begin to grow again if it is prepared to make radical changes.The changes that need to be made would seriously piss off the hardliners like Edmonds but if the BNP is serious about getting elected and does genuinely care about this country then it must reform.I propose kicking out every single known holocaust denier and outright neo nazi.A public statement should be made about the holocaust.Tell the public the party thinks it was a terrible tragedy and it really did happen.Welcome ethnic minorities to join in helping the cause as long as they've embraced the British way of life and they are good people there should be no problem.Promote the preservation of our way of life and culture rather than focusing on race.Ditch all the zionist conspiracy crap.It is political suicide to keep preaching this nonsense.Open discussion and debate should be freely encouraged.People should not be made to feel like a trouble maker because they've criticised  a party policy.Leadership elections should automatically be held every four years or if the membership holds a vote of no confidence.By doing this it shows the electorate the BNP really does believe in democratic values.If the party can't be run democratically then why should the electorate trust it to run the country.
Just making these few simple changes the BNP could start to see a rise in confidence and popularity.Let the extremists go and form their own little nazi party.If they choose to carry on as an ethno/racial nationalist party then they will go back to being a small fringe party of nutters.

I know this will be too hard for many hardline BNP supporters to stomach.No doubt they will think I'm a "red" or a traitor for daring to write this article.These people have got to face the facts,they have got to start listening and divorce themselves from this fantasy land they live in.This is not 1930's Germany this is modern 2011 Britain wake up smell the coffee!  

This Town Is Coming Like A Ghost Town!

David Cameron has decided to appoint retail guru Mary Portas to conduct an investigation into the decline of Britain's High Street.Around 15% of High Street shops have become vacant.High Streets now look like derelict Ghost Towns and are a former shadow of themselves.I can remember growing up as a teenager and going into town to buy clothes,books and records from all the exciting family run independents.Going into town was an event we all looked forward to.You could spend a whole day thumbing through hundreds of Punk Rock albums and you where spoilt for choice in the numerous clothe shops that catered for just about every style imaginable.Shopping was an event to be enjoyed as well as a chance to meet up with friends and socialise.What a shame it is to see the High Street now virtually closed down completely.

Mary Portas to lead investigation into High Street decline

The High Street has been attacked from all angles over the past 10 years.The supermarkets have been springing up everywhere.Not just content with closing down the butcher,baker and greengrocer they've now switched their sights to non foods.Non foods being white goods,clothing,DIY materials,stationary and just about everything else under the sun.Local councils have been an easy pushover for supermarkets.The promise of funding for community centres,schools or clinics seals the deal everytime.Councils only ever look at short term gain.They never look at the long term prospects for the local economies they claim to represent.Tesco has now moved into the small convenient store market.Where their huge warehouse size supermarkets have forced every small to medium sized independent out of business.They've now moved into the towns.Tesco has to be the worst example of corporate greed.They have been allowed to expand at an alarming rate without any regulation and at the detriment of our local economies.Tesco wants to put everyone out of business.They want the whole cake not just a healthy slice.You can buy almost anything at Tesco now no one is safe from this corporate monster.They look at a market or a business that's doing well and then they set out to destroy that business and take it all for themselves.In the small Wiltshire town of Melksham where I reside there are 6 major supermarkets as well as a Tesco Express and a CO-OP Local.The town has had the life sucked out of it.First it had to contend with the out of town Leekes Store and then all these Supermarkets.The only thing that kept the town relatively healthy was Woolworths,when that went so did all the footfall.So many businesses have gone to the wall and I don't think we've seen the last of it.
I am guilty myself of shopping in supermarkets and I have to say I find it a frustrating and miserable experience.I went over to Morrisons to pick up a few items and I kid you not it took me an hour and a half to spend 30 quid.The place was the size of an industrial wharehouse,it took me ages to find anything and people stand in your way making it a battle of wills to do a meagre bit of grocery shopping.The people that work in these empires are often miserable and havn't a clue where anything is either.I asked one lady where I could find passata and she looked at me like I'd asked her to explain Einstein's theory of relativity.I asked another shop assistant where I could find a nail brush and he went off to ask a colleague.15 minutes later he re appeared to tell me he didn't know.So I carried on searching,I was determined to find that nail matter what!I have come to the conclusion that shopping in these huge wharehouses is no longer an option for me.It frustrates me and it takes up too much of my time.So I now spread the grocery shopping with smaller firms like Lidl and Waitrose.Both offer excellent quality goods at a fair price and I can find everything I need in a quicker time schedule.This is what supermarkets used to be like 20-30 years ago.
What governments don't tend to realise is the amount of tax revenue they are missing out on with the rise of these supermarket giants.Surely having thousands of small to medium sized independents is better than having 3-5 monopolies that control everything.These giants employ shrewd accountants that will cleverly hide money.The jobs they claim to provide are usually flexi-part time pin money jobs so they don't have to provide sickness or holiday pay.Wasn't it Margaret Thatcher that once said Britain is a nation of Shopkeepers?What a sad state of affairs for the nations economy,what a sad transformation.The way things are going if you want to buy ANYTHING one day you will have to go to the Tesco Empire and buy it.Is this not reminiscent of a Soviet state?

Tesco the expanding Empire that wants to control the nations economy

More should have been done to protect our local economies.Supermarkets have been given free reign to ride rough shod over local communities.They should have been regulated more strictly.They should have been only allowed to sell groceries and planning permission should have been more tightly controlled.These corporate monsters even buy up land to try and prevent competition from setting up against them.Like all the other evils that have been forced on us the blame lies with the last shower of shit that where in power....Blair and his selfish champagne socialist party!

Tesco get their own way everytime!

If David Cameron needs to appoint a show biz celeb to conduct an investigation into finding out the obvious then he should pack his bags get out of Downing Street and find a real job.For gods sake what does he expect her to find out what we don't already know?The high street is dying because of a few simple reasons.Supermarkets,out of town shopping malls,greedy extortionate parking charges,unreasonable rental agreements,sky high rates and that other monster the internet.

Many consumers are now hooked on buying on line.I can see the attraction,you can buy exactly what you want at the price you want.There are no ques,no miserable unhelpful staff to contend with,you don't lose time which means you're free to do other things rather than wandering round shopping centres.The only problem with the internet is you can't physically check the goods,what happens if you need a refund?What happens when your oven turns up and it dosn't work?Who do you turn to?The call centre based in India?The email facility that gets deleted?It can be a minefield and I've come across many stories of people being ripped off by fly be night internet companies.Nothing beats speaking to another human being in person.

The derelict High Street-a symptom of Supermarket domination

Sadly I think the High Street is finished it will never recover.We've seen a lot of companies go to the wall,many household names that have been around for years.The High Street is another part of our culture and heritage that has been eroded by greedy big business and self serving parasitical politicians.When all the independents have gone and the big 3 control everything watch the prices go up.....They'll have us exactly where they want us!

Monday, 2 May 2011

An Irishman tells it like it is!Very Funny

This Irishman tells it like it is and pulls no punches.His view on the Irish economy is hilarious.Had me in stitches!Enjoy!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

England needs a Wilders!

Whilst browsing my facebook page I stumbled across an interesting article from the Irish Times newspaper.The article was about the resurgence of right wing populist parties in Europe particulary the PVV in Holland led by Geert Wilders.Wilder's party came third in the last Dutch election and it now seems very possible the PVV could go on to to be the next ruling party.Geert Wilders does not pull any punches,he tells it like it is ,he calls a spade a spade.He stands alone against the trojan horse of Islam,whilst the other liberal parties show cowardice.He recognises that open borders and mass immigration will eventually destroy Holland.To let millions of unskilled,backward third worlders into a prosperous western nation like Holland is a recipe for disaster.The pressures on Hollands resources and infrastructure are becoming greater.These migrants bring crime and they contribute nothing,they are a drain on Holland.Wilders knows this can't go on and that's why he will never give up the fight!

This situation Holland now finds itself in is the same as the UK.But unlike Holland we arn't lucky enough to have a brave politician like Wilder's to fight our corner.God knows where we will end up!The future looks bleak and I'm now of the opinion that only an uprising will return sovereignty back to these sacred isles.

I leave you with these wise words by Geert Wilders


"Take a walk down the street and see where this is going. You no longer feel like you are living in your own country. There is a battle going on and we have to defend ourselves. Before you know it there will be more mosques than churches!

Islam is the Trojan horse in Europe. If we do not stop Islamification now, Eurabia and Netherabia will just be a matter of time . . . We are heading for the end of European and Dutch civilisation as we know it.

If it ever may come to racial riots, which I really don’t want, then this doesn’t necessarily have to have a negative result.

I am not denying anyone the right to family life. Including non-western immigrants. They can marry, they can live together. Just not in the Netherlands.

Many fundamental problems in the Netherlands are ultimately directly connected to migrants, such as infrastructure, traffic jams, housing problems and the welfare state.

I don’t believe that cultures are equal. Our culture is much better than the retarded Islamic culture.

You can only answer intolerance with intolerance, there is no other way, my friends. That might not be pleasant, not politically correct. But if you don’t want to be eaten yourself, you will have to eat the other."