Saturday, 27 November 2010

'The Euro Game Is Up! Who the hell do you think you are?' - Nigel Farage...


Britain,s membership of the EU has been a disaster! This bloated monster coasts Britain £6 billion a year and by 2015 this will rise to £10 billion.This will cost every household £400 a year.Thank god we didn't get talked into having the Euro!No doubt if Labour was re elected we could well be on the way to getting that forced on us too.
Greece was the first to go bust,now its Ireland and it looks likely Portugal and Spain could well follow suit.Even though Britain is in a terrible mess we are expected to bail out Greece and Ireland to the tune of billions.Two countries that had highly irresponsible governments that chucked money around like it was confetti .Ireland's bail out will cost us £7 billion the equivalent to all the austerity welfare cuts made by chancellor George Osbourne.The government may as well employ men to shovel twenty pound notes into a furness!
Next year Britain's share of the EU budget increase will be £435 million.Instead of wasting money on this corrupt institution,the money could be used to pay for 12000 nurses,15000 police officers or 22000 army privates.
We cannot control immigration because of the EU  FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT LAWS,so anyone from an EU nation can just turn up on the door step and claim every benefit under the sun.Many unskilled Britons have been priced out of the job market due to eastern european migrants under cutting them.Jobs are even advertised exclusively for polish speaking workers.Look how much immigration figures have rocketed since we've been a member of this expensive club.
Law and order is being undermined due to the European Convention on Human Rights which all EU states are obliged to sign up to.
Unless we get out now we will sink in a mountain of debt and we will be reduced to the level of a third world country.Lets become an independent nation again in charge of our own destiny.We should use this money to re build our manufacturing base and start trading with the world again.There was a time when Britain was a huge manufacturer in the world now we hardly make anything.Countries like Norway and Switzerland have done a lot better than us for staying out of the EU and both sell twice as much per head than we do.
The EU  is nothing but an out of control gravy train that's bleeding us dry!

If you love your country then you must sign the pledge!The pledge is a petition to Westminster for a referendum on who should govern the UK, Westminster or the EU.The more people we can get to sign this pledge the more politicians will have to sit up and take action!

Next time you vote in a general election don't vote for any of the failed parties (LIB/LAB/CON) vote for one of the smaller parties that sticks up for Britain!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Immigration must be the most talked about hot topic in Britain today.Hardly a week goes by without somebody raising the issue.I can tell you people are FED UP with this out of control mass immigration.In my job I talk to hundreds of people and whenever the state of the country is mentioned people will voice their total dismay at the governments abysmal immigration record.I don't even have to mention the subject they will burst fourth with outrage and contempt before I've even had the chance to draw breath!Yes by GOD the people are angry!
The main bone of contention lies with Labour.Yes Labour has wrecked this country beyond repair.They have imposed a policy of mass immigration mainly on the English.It was a devious plan to change the face of England forever with its social engineering plan.Remember the quote by Jack Straw? QUOTE "The English as a race are not worth saving!" That just about sums up the hatred these marxists have for England and its subjects.
Labour wanted to create the socialist nirvana of Multi culturalisim  they wanted a melting pot of different cultures.The reason for this madness is quite simple.
By flooding Britain (mainly England) with mass immigration you provide cheap labour for the greedy businessmen.They love migrant labour because it enables them to drive down wages and they don't need to worry about workers rights.Mass immigration provides Labour with a large block of voters along with the feckless.It also breaks the common bond that was once shared by British citizens that shared the same cultural values.This results in divide and rule!
I can remember the run up to the election,again the number one topic was immigration.I really thought people that where that pissed off would go out and vote UKIP .But it didn't happen.If one of the patriotic parties only got a few MP'S voted into Westminster maybe,just maybe this would send a lightening bolt up the establishments arse to wake up and take action.Can you imagine the horror from the  LIB/LAB/CON cartel if UKIP  got members of parliament elected.That really would shake up a few of those dozy wasters wouldn't it? Sadly people fell yet again for the media spin and the US show style TV debates with the big three."Oh when Cameron gets in he'll sort it out"....YEAH RIGHT! These same people who where jubilant about the Con/Lib victory looked totally clueless and puzzled when I told them "I can't believe people where so gullible to think that any of the big three would make any difference at all,it's business as usual they are all one big party the LIB/LAB/CON cartel."
The only thing that distinguishes them from one another is the colour of their ties!
One of the promises Cameron made to the British electorate was to cap immigration from the 100's of thousands to the 10's of thousands.What difference will that make!Its too little too late!We need a complete halt to all immigration NOW!The UK's economy is heading for meltdown,thousands of small to medium businesses will go bust next year with thousands of people thrown onto the scrap heap.Thousands will be competing for what few jobs are available.This cap may offer a few crumbs of hope to the right of the tory party but in reality it's a meagre proposal that will make not a jot of difference!The cap only applies to workers outside of the EU and will not apply to all the flotsam and jetsam that invade Britain from the rest of the European Union on a daily basis.The CBI claim we need migrant workers because there is a shortage of skilled people in the UK.This is absolute tosh!We have one of the highest rates of University educated graduates in Europe.These companies should be training up British people to do these jobs instead of importing migrants to do the jobs cheaper.As for saying British people are lazy and don't want to work we'll that's simple stop their benefits and put them into work!
I'm afraid untill Britain withdraws from the EU no government will ever be able to control immigration.The dreaded Human Rights act will make sure any deportation is overturned and the migrant rewarded with compensation for hurt feelings and abuse of his/hers human rights.Unless people wake up soon this country will be lost forever and will end up a third world country.The writings on the wall folks!By 2066 the indigenous Brit will be an ethnic minority in it's own country unless drastic action is taken.Britain is sleep walking into it's own demise.We've allowed islam a dangerous ideology to take root in Britain,another by product of mass immigration.
We now have whole cities and towns completely colonised.Some English cities now resemble middle eastern madrasers with huge imposing mosques complete with towering minarets.Muslim faith schools indoctrinate childrens minds with the hateful teachings of the koran,while jihadists spit and scream insults at our homecoming troops parades.Little action has ever been taken against this evil cult.The establishment prefers to look the other way.Even when poppies where burned on armistice day the police stood and watched. Electoral fraud is rife in islamic areas and Imans instruct their flock to vote for the muslim candidate.Tower Hamlets is now the first islamic council in England.The muslim birth rate is ten times higher than any other ethnic group with Mohammed now the most popular boys name in England.The ideology of islam is conquer and submission.Islam will not be satisfied until it has turned England into an islamic Republic.This could easily happen within a couple of decades.I predict the muslims will demand a seperate islamic Republic within England probably in the midlands.Every country in the world where islam manifests itself ends in violence and civil war.Unless we make a stand against this evil cult we could be on the way to an islamic Republic and all because our useless governments opened the flood gates to mass immigration!