Sunday, 14 August 2011

David Starkey does some plain speaking!

Historian David Starkey tells some home truths,that are unpalletable to the ears of the liberal left.There is a rotten culture called gangsterism that has manifested itself amongest youth in our over crowded cities.It preaches depravity and violence.It is completely alien to the British way of life.Youngsters should look up to successful people that have done good in the world not some coke snorting,gun paking thug.The black community need to address this issue as it is letting down their own people as well as making life miserable for everyone else.We must face up to these issues and deal with them.Taking the softly,softly approach hasn't worked.It is no use treating these criminals with kid gloves.

People who quite frankly should no better have already joined the cries of condemnation for David's analysis on the problems that blight our inner cities.I believe he has a point and we should take heed of his wise words!

Here's the debate enjoy!

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Anarchy in the UK!

Well what a week!To be perfectly honest I was shocked by the events in London and other major cities in England but not at all surprised.Many down to earth people,that's the ordinary man in the street could see this coming years ago.The writing was on the wall.Anybody with an ounce of common sense could see it coming except for the clowns in Westminster.So what was the motive for these riots and what was the conditions that brewed away to make this explosive concoction of civil unrest?

Feral youth out of control destroying British cities!

As usual the far left have blamed the police for "victimising" black youth and unbelievably have blamed government cuts for the riots.I've listened to many radio shows with all the predictable liberal left hand wringing excuses.I don't believe any of these feeble excuses.I believe the riots are a symptom of the collapse and erosion of British culture and values.

The scumbags behind this riot claim it was sparked by the shooting of Mark Duggan by the Metropolitan police.This lowlife was a well known gangster that had a criminal record as long as your arm and was involved in drug dealing and gang culture.He had connections with the notorious Noonan mafia based in Manchester that featured on a Donal McIntyre documentary.This outfit boasted about having more guns than the police.Duggan was shot dead by a police marksmen during a stakeout,one policemen could have died but was saved when the bullet lodged in his radio.Certainly no angel or Innocent.His death was I believe completely justified and I only wish the police would take out more of these scumbags that make life a misery for decent people.

Mark Duggan a gangster that dealt in drugs and used violence to get his own way!

The vermin that took part in this riot saw an easy opportunity to loot and cause mayhem without any interference from the law.They took advantage of a weak system.For years these same wasters have lived their lives exactly how thay want without any thought for anybody else but themselves.They exist on generous welfare payments and live in housing provided by the tax payer.They spend their days ideling  ,doing nothing more than drinking,drug taking and playing computer games.Many of these morons come from single parent families where there is no father figure,where morality,ethics and responsibility are values that mean nothing to them.They blight the estates they live on,making decent hard working families lives a misery.The legal system has failed to deal with these cretins and instead has took a line of appeasement.The system prefers to try and "understand" them and make excuses for their unruly behaviour.

Cameron has done alot of tough talking.But will he really deal with this problem?I will only believe his words once he takes action.I think what will happen is the "poor" ,"disadvantaged" communities will be showered with more taxpayers  money.There will be more projects and workshops for disadvantaged black kids.You know the sort that has them working on old cars showing them the best way to steal motors. There will probably be a community centre or block of flats named after Mark Duggan.This arsehole will be held up as some sort of martyr by ill informed fools and the looney left.I would be willing to put money on that!

The riots where the worst this country has ever seen in living memory.This is what happens when you let the far left/liberal intelligentsia infiltrate every part of our society and institutions.During the Labour years this country has been turned into a cesspit of imorality.A society of anything goes.Do what you want it doesn't matter the state will look after you.One kid in Manchester was interviewed and said he didn't care about the consequences of his actions because the jails are full,what's the worst they can do ?Give me an ASBO?Here lies the problem.You have a generation that think it is their god given right to have anything they want.They do not understand the concept of working hard for the finer things in life.They have no hard work ethic.They think the world owes them a living.If I can't afford it,I will just rob it from somebody else.That's how the minds of these arseholes tick.

A very disturbing youth culture has manifested itself in this country and influenced alot of these rioters.This rotten culture is gangsterism.A form of Jamican patois.Many of these criminals have communicated on Facebook and Blackberry messenger to mobilise thousands of scum to meet up and cause mayhem.Kids listen to the message of this criminal element through the form of "rap" music.Rap is a very primitive street culture which has the intellectual equivalent of an infants nursery ryhme.It glorifies drug taking,prostitution and gun crime.It is brainwashing British kids into a world of debauchery and criminality.It is completely at odds with the British way of life.It sends a message to our young,"Take what you want,when you want,do what you want,use violence to get your own way." If we are to turn around this country then this dangerous alien culture must be stamped out!

The primitive culture of gangster rap that brainwashes our kids with immoral values and depravity
For too long now British culture has been pushed aside to make way for the ideaology of multiculturalism.The values and ethics that once made this country great have been forgotten.Instead we have had a system which works in favour of ethnic minorities rather than the British people as a whole.Britishness has now become a dirty word.To be patriotic and love your nation is frowned upon by the powers that be.Ethnic minorities have been encorouged to celebrate their own culture rather than embracing the culture of their new home...Britain.Many years ago immigrants that came to Britain ,came because they admired our way of life and wanted to become British.A British passport then was worth it's weight in gold and meant alot to the immigrant that gained citizenship.Now it is used as a means to gain welfare benefits and housing accomadation.We now have a huge immigrant population that only sees Britain as a cash cow.They don't want to integrate,they carry on living like they did in the nation they left behind and many can't even be bothered to speak English.They gravitate towards ghettoes that resemble the towns they left behind and the fools in government fall over themselves to give them everything they want.As a result we now have many English cities that are secterian,divisive and completely alien to any concept of Britishness.Many of the cities involved in this unrest are cities with  multicultural popualtions.Is it any wonder that we now have civil unrest?

Another factor in the downfall of Great Britain is the collapse of our manufacturing base.I'm sorry but I do not subscribe to the lie that Britain can not compete in a global market place with countries like China.This is complete bullshit.Germany has a strong economy and will recover from the economic meltdown quicker than the UK because it still has a strong manufacturing base.The Germans have been successful since the war because they manufacture high quality brands.Whenever you think of a German product you think BMW,AUDI,BOSCH,AEG,MIELE etc,etc.That's how Germany competes in the global market place they pride themselves on their high quality brands.It keeps people employed,it generates tax revenue for the government and it keeps a people  industrious and instills pride.Previous governments in this country have written off our manufacturing base,through laziness and big city sell offs.Instead of chucking billions at the welfare state which keeps people idle and unproductive why not use that money to start up manufacturing again?Is it not better to have people employed rather than collecting benefits?As the old saying goes "Idle hands does the devils work."...Cameron should organise a meeting of successful entrepeneurs and money spent on welfare should be diverted to manufacturing.It should be a case of here's a job or starve.You take people off the streets,you occupy their give them self worth and pride!

One thing that should be done with immediate effect is the removal of the straight jacket of political correctness from our police force.Let's see bobbies on the beat again.Get them out of their patrol cars.Intelligence is gathered with ears firmly to the ground in local communities ,you can't gather intelligence sat in a patrol car on a grass verge.Bring back the SUS laws,allow the police to stop and search suspects.If you've got nothing to hide then what's the problem?Allow the police to get on with the job of policing without the interference of liberal social workers.The police must show strength again and show they mean business.The judicail sysetem needs to back up the police more and the government needs to be more supportive.The last thing a government should do in a recession is cut the police budget.A government needs to get the police on side.

As the economic situation worsens,riots will happen again.Let's get the police equiped and let's allow them to get on with fighting crime.If all hell breaks lose then bring in the army and give these bastards a hiding.

I really hope things will get better but somehow I fear they will get worse.There doesn't seem to be anybody in Westminster with the bottle to do what needs to be done......Maybe when this country reaches rock bottom patriots will make a