Sunday, 20 March 2011


It's that time of year again dig deep It's Comic Relief! I know a lot of people will probably think I'm a miserable scrooge for saying this but I can't stand Comic Relief.I find the whole thing painfully cringe worthy.The fact that it takes up a whole evenings viewing schedule is bad enough but then you get it forced into your face just about everywhere.At every turn there is some clown waving a tin or a bucket in your face.If you don't wish to contribute you are made to feel bad and outcast as a pariah.

The whole evening is full of has beens trying to boost their ailing careers by doing good.You get Lenny Henry presenting the show who is about as funny as  bubonic plague and then a whole load of embarrassing "comedy" sketches.Oh reach for the sick bucket!Somebody pass me that remote!

Lenny Henry about as funny as bubonic plague

I wonder how much some of these rich celebs donate of their own income?

Over half the money raised goes on African based charities while the other 40% goes on UK based charities.The African nations like Ethiopia,the Sudan,Rwanda and Uganda have been in the same position for the last forty years.( has been endlessly poured into these countries and the position remains the same.Aid never really reaches the people it should and a lot of the time it is siphoned off by corrupt third world governments to purchase weaponry or a new yacht for the President.I would suggest it is the responsibility of these governments to feed and look after their own people.It has now come to a point where these governments have cut off all responsibility to look after their own people because western aid and charities like Comic Relief will do it for them.Ever since those scenes appeared on BBC news of starving children in Ethiopia the population has just got bigger and bigger.Why has their not been a programme of birth control education for these people ?Instead of chucking money at countries like Ethiopia why not hand out contraceptives.Surely it is far better to be able to properly feed two children than 10+!

Here's a few population statistics on Ethiopia
1985-41 million
2011-85 million

And for the rest of Africa
1985-556 million
2011-1,100 million

Until western governments  can deal effectively with these despotic corrupt regimes that run the third world then you will always have starving people.Perhaps the African people should follow the example of the arab peoples and stage uprisings against their governments.

What would benefit the continent of Africa is not aid but commerce.The Chinese have started investing in Africa and other nations could well follow their lead.What people want is independence and the ability to work for a living.Constant handouts does no one any good all it does is create a dependency culture!

I've included this video from leading African economist Dambisa Moyo.A wise lady that needs listening to!

More Meddling in the Middle East!-When will our leaders ever learn?

So the inevitable has arrived,"Call me  Dave" Cameron has declared military action against Libyan dictator Colonel Gaddafi.Cameron has declared the action as "necessary,legal and right."As well as Britain deciding to have a pop at Gaddafi France,Spain,Canada,the United States and Italy have also decided to back military strikes.

Cameron carries on the legacy left by Tony Blair with yet another foreign conflict!

The coalition forces have pledged to take out air defences around Tripoli and Misrata.The British and American Navies are deploying submarines armed with Tomahawk-capped cruise missiles and thousands of Gaddafi supporters have packed into Tripoli to form a human shield against possible strikes by allied forces.So it looks like a full scale blood bath is on the way!

What is it with our western governments?Why do we have to keep continually poking our noses into foreign conflicts that do not concern us.Have these reckless politicians not learned anything from the past? When Blair was in power we sent in forces to invade Iraq because we didn't agree with Saddam Hussein's style of government and as a result that country has been left in an anarchic unstable state.Again under the pretence of finding "weapons of mass destruction" we followed America in invading Afghanistan.The politicians tell us it's to protect Britain from terrorism.Really?So some medieval goat herder in Afghanistan is really a threat to Great Britain?If they want to stop terrorism then they need to look closer to home.The jihadis are being recruited by Saudi imams in mosques in London,Birmingham,Blackburn and Luton not Afghanistan.

There is no doubt that Gaddafi is a brutal dictator but it is up  to the Libyan people to fight it out between themselves.All we are doing by getting involved is poking a large hornets nest that will eventually turn round and sting the life out of us.The world is full of brutal dictators that terrorises it's own people.We should not be going round telling other people how to conduct their internal affairs.We would be wise to keep our noses out of it.The big reason western governments have backed war against Gaddafi is the same reason we went after the Iraq regime... OIL!They are so terrified of losing their lucrative oil deals that they see no other option than to take out Gaddafi and put some other despot in charge that the west can have more control over.Does anybody know the motives of the rebel fighters?The press and the politicians in Westminster seem to be swept away by hysteria.Cameron tells us we shouldn't allow a dictator to brutalise it's own people.Well what about Zimbabwe,China,North Korea,Rawanda and Sudan?It would seem if you are a regime that has oil and you don't dance to their tune expect to be invaded.If you are a regime that  doesn't have oil then carry on doing what ever you like!

Are all these cuts down to our imaginations?We are in no position to act like the big empire we once where.It is not our place to police the world.The government has made massive cuts to our armed forces and it is already way over stretched.Many servicemen serving in Afghanistan have already had their redundancy notices and we can't even put jets on our aircraft carriers any more.To get involved in yet another middle eastern conflict is just utter madness.

The best most sensible option is to sit back let the Libyans battle it out between themselves and then make friends with the winning leader.The middle east will never have democracy and it is pointless trying to change them through getting involved in conflict after conflict.What I would like to see a British Prime Minster do for a change is to start looking after our own people.Cameron needs to start getting his priorities in order.He needs to stop strutting round the world stage and start putting our own house in order.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Midsomer Not ethnically Diverse For Race Gestapo Quango!

It would appear nowhere is safe from the attentions of the Race Gestapo.The dramatisation Midsomer Murders has come under fire from the Race equality think tank the Runneymeade Trust.They are very upset with the shows producer Brian True-May for defending his decision to keep the show as a predominately white cast.According to Brian Midsomer is the last bastion of Englishness.To try and make Midsomer a multicultural cosmopolitan village just wouldn't work.Of course Brian is right.Midsomer is the quintessential English village.I do occasionally enjoy watching Midsomer Murders the story lines are very good and I find myself absorbed in the plot.My wife and I take bets on who committed the murders and between us we work out who had the motive to go on and commit a grisly killing.The fact that it is set in the countryside in a village where the inhabitants are mainly middle class,aristocrats or humble country bumpkins adds to it's appeal and charm.It's escapism!That's what people want.
John Nettles plays the umpire for that very English game cricket!

I get sick to the back teeth with some busy body race equality quango trying to enforce their looney agendas on us at every given opportunity.For gods sake it's an English village in the middle of a rural county.That's what these villages look like.In the county of Wiltshire where I live there are lots of little villages that look very similar to Midsomer and you would be hard pushed to see a member of the ethnic minorities.

Brian True-May stated "Maybe I'm not politically correct,we just don't have ethnic minorities involved.It wouldn't be the English village with them.It just wouldn't work."He went on "Suddenly we might be in Slough.Ironically,Causton (a town in the show)is supposed to be Slough.And if you went into Slough you wouldn't see a white face there.We're the last bastion of Englishness and I want to keep it that way."
The Gestapo race chief Rob Berkeley was most upset!Claiming True-May's comments risked turning off viewers with ethnic minority backgrounds.He said "Clearly,as a fictional work,the producers of Midsomer Murders are entitled to their flights of fancy,but to claim that the English village is purely white is no longer true and not fair reflection of society,particulary to the shows large international audience.It is not a surprise that ethnic minority people choose not to watch a show that excludes them."
I think Rob needs to try visiting some rural villages in England he will find there not enclaves of "vibrant","diverse",multicultural utopia's that he claims but sleepy traditional villages as they always have been.They do still exist Rob honestly,pop over to Wiltshire and I will show you them myself!

Rob Berkeley thinks Midsomer Murders isn't cosmoplitan and should have more ethnics in the village!

If a drama was made about life in a sink estate in east London where all the characters where either Bangladeshi or Nigerian I bet you your bottom dollar the likes of Rob wouldn't pursue his agenda of diversity with the same vigour as a programme set in an English village with white English characters.In fact I bet he wouldn't try pushing his agenda at all on a programme like that.Who cares if its"strikingly unpopular " with the ethnic minorities.They've got a remote they know where the on/off button is.Do we really have to make drama that appeals to everyones taste?What will make these dickheads happy?A mosque instead of a church,a square of arse lifting muzzies instead of a cricket pitch,an Indian takeaway instead of a tea shop,a Bangladeshi community centre instead of a village hall? Try doing a real job for once in your life Rob and stop trying to force your multicultural agenda down our throats.We are all getting really sick of it!

Why not go the whole hog and stick a mosque in the middle of Midsomer for good measure!
Very English!

May Midsomer Murders continue in it's current format free from the hindrance of the race police!
If you don't like it try reaching for the remote!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


This story has to be the highlight of the week for me!A court in Birkenhead Merseyside was the scene of a mass protest which led to an attempted citizens arrest of a court judge.The demo was sparked by Roger Hayes who faced a bankruptcy hearing for non payment of council tax.

The people of Birkenhead make a stand against the corrupt system

Roger Hayes is a prominent voice in an anti establishment organisation called the British Constitution Group.He is a former member of UKIP and stood in the 1997 General election as a Referendum Party candidate against Labour's Angela Eagle.He polled 1490 votes and finished fourth.

Roger Hayes a prominent voice of the BCG
Roger refused to pay his council tax for three years because the council had no lawfully enforceable contract with him.The council refused to provide a lawful contract because they think they have the right to demand he pays his council tax.(they don't) Roger wanted a lawful contract which both parties can agree terms which prevents them behaving in arbitrary terms.I can see where this guy's coming from.What annoys the hell out of me about council tax is they can change the services that you expect without prior consultation.For example where I live you used to get your bins emptied weekly now it's fortnightly,which has resulted in rubbish piling up everywhere and has encouraged rats and other pests.We are expected to shell out a lot of our hard earned money on a service which quite frankly is a rip off!

Roger requested 20 witnesses to cast eye over the proceedings to ensure that justice was carried out or not carried out.The judge denied this and ordered Roger could only have 2 witnesses and he wanted to take the hearing away from a public hearing to a place in chambers.This was so the judge can ignore or consider any evidence he feels fit.They can come to any verdict they like regardless of the law,this is more of an administrative process than justice.This type of "make it up as you go" system comes from the European court system (EU)like so many other devious schemes we now endure in our everyday lives.The judge wanted to steamroller a predetermined decision in favour of the council.Basically speaking the judge was just acting as a revenue collector for the council and was not acting like a judge under British law which should act impartial and hear all evidence from both parties.Rogers evidence was denied!

Mr Hayes said "The judges are breaking the law in their courts,I asked him (Peake) if he was serving under oath of his office.I asked him three times for him to confirm this and he refused,so I civilly arrested the judge and I called upon some people in the court to assist me in this.The protesters where acting lawfully and the Police should not have arrested them."

600 protesters descended on the court filling up the court room and blocking the road and entrance to the court.Protesters sat in the road to prevent police vehicles from gaining access and where only moved by the intervention of police dog handlers.Meanwhile a full scale rebellion was taking place inside the court room. Hundreds of protesters chanted and screamed "Arrest that judge!"
One protester shouted seal the court while another one sat in Judge Peake's chair and declared the defendant be released.Many protesters filmed the police making arrests to use as evidence later on.Thank god for modern technology!

The main aim of the British Constitution Group is for lawful rebellion.Many leaflets where handed out by protesters declaring "We the British people have the right to govern ourselves.That right has been subjugated as a consequence of acts of treason having being committed by the collective political establishment,aided and abetted by corrupt segments of the judiciary,the police,the church and civil services."

The court hearing was abandoned and a new hearing will be fixed for another day.

The British Constitution Group demands the British people have the right to govern themselves 

This kind of action is absolutely fantastic!This is the people showing the establishment we've had enough of being walked all over and treated like serfs.The ruling elite have acted against the wishes of the people for decades and the working people of this country are being taxed until the pips squeak.We are all being made to pay vast sums of money from our hard earned wages to pay for this bloated,obese government.The ruling elite  are pouring vast sums of money into hair brained schemes hardly anyone supports.They don't act on behalf of the people they are only interested in helping themselves.The whole system is rotten to the core and Britain has been reduced to the dust bin of the world!

Well enough is enough!It's time we all made a stand.The only way to make these politicians listen to us is by taking to the streets.You can sign as many petitions as you like,pass around as many articles as you like on Facebook,rant on forums it will make no difference.The government doesn't read them and it doesn't give a shit what we say or think.Even voting doesn't change anything as the ruling elite have it sewn up between them.So the only advice I have for people who moan and complain about the state of the country is get off your arse,leave the computers for a day and join a demo.Make your voice heard.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Barnsley effect

Nigel Farage on UKIP success in Barnsley by-election (04Mar11)

The Barnsley By Election-Electorate Suffers Mass Amnesia!

As was predicted Labour won this seat with a massive landslide.It would seem that you could stand a monkey as a Labour Party candidate in this ward and it would get voted in.The sheer stupidity of these people that continually vote for these clowns astounds me.The Labour Party have bankrupted the country,sold the gold reserves for a song,got involved in illegal wars, encouraged mass immigration, gave more powers than ever to Brussels and enforced a disastrous policy of multiculturalism on it's people.What is it with these people?Are they painfully thick?Or do they suffer from short term amnesia every time it comes to an election?

Ex Para Dan Jarvis wins the Barnsley seat for Labour

Labour's man was ex para Dan Jarvis.A former major that resigned from the forces to forfill  his ambition of becoming a Labour MP.The by election was called due to Eric Illsley being jailed for fiddling his expenses.You would think with this toe rag being banged up the Labour voters would have learned a lesson from it and switched to a more sensible alternative.But no common sense didn't prevail and the sheep went out and voted Labour yet again!It makes you wonder if these gullible fools are born with a microchip in their brains that programmes them to vote Labour!

UKIP'S Jane Collins finished second with 2953 votes.Looks like the people are finally starting to wake up!

The real winners of the day where undoubtedly UKIP.They managed to increase their share of the vote to 7% and came second .They pulled out all the stops in this campaign with massive posters on the side of Public houses,leafleting and canvassing the locals.At the moment the only sensible alternative to the failed established parties is UKIP.They are now starting to gain support from major tabloids like the Express,Mail and Telegraph.They have also gained a wealthy multi millionaire donor that will help drive the anti EU message to the masses.They share many of the same policies as the BNP but UKIP has a sensible democratic moderate image without all the neo fascist baggage that the BNP is loaded with.I think with the disappointment of Cameron and the Conservatives many traditional tories will switch to UKIP.The coalition will never take us out of the EU and we cannot start to put our country right again until we elect a party that will have the courage to pull out.

The Liberal Democrat vote went into meltdown.

The Liberal Democrats vote share went into meltdown.It was there worst result for years they finished sixth behind the BNP and local Independent ex miner Tony Devoy.They only managed to poll a derisory 1102 votes ,a vote share of only 4.18%.Many senior Lib Dems have dismissed the poor performance on post General election blues.The Lib Dems made a big mistake on tuition fees and a lot of their core support comes from students and the teaching profession.The Lib Dems where punished severely for breaking that promise.They are performing poorly in government and their loony liberal  policies are seen as very dangerous .When the local elections come in May expect to see the Liberal Democrats wiped out!Good riddance to bad rubbish!I won't shed a tear for there demise!

The BNP didn't do particularly well either.Barnsley has been a hot bed of support for the BNP in the past but their vote share fell by 2.9%.The BNP is now in a process of terminal decline.The tipping point for the BNP was Question Time.Griffin performed really badly on this.All his neo nazi baggage was exposed for millions of viewers.He has never publicly denounced the holocaust or denounced the anti semitic views he once espoused.People feel they just can't trust this man in a position of power.The BNP has now become the Myra Hindley of British politics,it's now so toxic people will not vote for it.If the BNP made some massive reforms then maybe they could turn their fortunes round.I would suggest removing Griffin from his post as chairman,booting out all known holocaust deniers and outright nazis.Unless drastic reforms are made the BNP will either cease to function as a political party altogether or it will go back to a minor party on the fringes of politics.

The electorate will not vote BNP while this man is it's leader.

If anything good came out of this by election it was the fact that the anti EU message is starting to blossom.UKIP have never achieved a result as good as this in a parliamentary by election.Lets hope UKIP can keep up the momentum.They must press on and stop at nothing to achieve their goal.I for one will be voting UKIP next time,it really is the only show in town!

If you still haven't seen the Barnsley election results here they are again!

Labour  Dan Jarvis 14724  +13.53
UKIP Jane Collins  2953    +7.53%
Conservative James Hockney 1999 -9.01%
BNP Enis Dalton 1463 -2.9%
Independent  Tony Devoy 1266 +3.58%
Liberal Democrats Dominic Carman 1102 -13.10%
English Democrats Kevin Riddiough 544 2.25%
Loony Howling Loud Hope 198 0.8%
Independent Michael Val Davies 60 0.25%