Sunday, 27 February 2011

The electorate are crying out for change!

Just recently a survey was conducted by the far left group Searchlight (a group of "anti fascist" nut jobs) regarding a resurgence of support for nationalist politics particularly in England .The report named Fear and Hope revealed some very interesting facts.This survey involved 5054 people.

Apparently 48% of people would vote for a far right party that wanted to defend English culture,create an English parliament,control immigration and take a tougher stance over militant islam.They also wanted to see the building of mosques restricted and they wanted to see either the St Georges Cross or Union Jack flown from all public buildings.60% of people thought immigration had been a bad thing for Britain and this included some black and Asian people.52% thought muslims created problems in Britain.

They believe the support for a new far right party could outstrip any of the other European nationalist parties.
Support for nationalist parties in other European countries has been quite successful.
The French National Front got 20% of the vote in the first round of presidential elections last year and Geert Wilders Freedom Party got 15.5% of the vote in last years parliamentary elections.

UAF out to cause trouble

Of course the usual smear of violence and fascist imagery was made as a reason for people not voting in droves for the likes of the BNP.This type of smear is best ignored.The only violence you ever see always comes from the far left.Whenever the EDL have a demo the far left always turn up to cause as much trouble as possible.Most of the arrests will always be from the UAF camp.They deliberately stir up local muslim youths to go out and attack EDL members.They are completely incapable of respecting any opposing view point other than their own and they have the audacity to call themselves Unite Against Fascism.The UAF is simply a front group organised by the SWP.They have been given carte blanch to spread their poison in many of our universities hence the reason why so many UAF supporters are spotty adolescents that have no experience of life.They are being duped into supporting what they think is a good cause when in reality they are being used as pawns by the far left.All they are doing by supporting the UAF is trying to shut down free speech and attack the democratic process.What exactly is fascist imagery? Swastikas,black uniforms,jack boots??? The only symbols I've seen at an EDL demo have been St George and Union Jack flags.Since when has our national flag been a symbol of fascism? Yet another made up smear to try and deter support.

UAF thugs attack EDL supporter

Why they felt the need to conduct an in depth survey to find out the obvious baffles me.It just shows how out of touch these people are.I deal with members of the public every week and I must have the same conversations week in and week out.The topics that come up are immigration,the EU,militant islam and our useless inept politicians.People are fed up they've had enough and believe me if the right party comes along which I believe it will soon then it will win massive support.

David Milliband to unveil report with John Cruddas

The report will be officially unveiled tomorrow by David Milliband and John Cruddas .The director for Searchlight said "The harsh truth is we are losing touch with the public on race,immigration and multi culturalism."

I think reality is starting to hit home with these failed politicians.The fact is their dream of a multi cultural society has been a massive failure and the cracks are starting to show.They tried to socially engineer the country by a policy of open door mass immigration.They wanted immigrants to shore up their vote and provide cheap labour for greedy businessmen.The pendulam is starting to swing to the right,people want real change and I believe our day will come soon!  

Crises in the Middle East Could Put Our Fragile Economy Into Meltdown!

As the revolutions unravel in the Middle East the west watches on with anxiety and panic.What could all this civil unrest mean for western economies?The price of a barrel of oil has already soared to $100 and what western leaders fear most is that the unrest could extend to Saudi Arabia.If this scenario happened we would be in big trouble.
Is the unrest in the middle east a genuine desire for true democracy or is there an underlying sinister force at work? I've no doubt many in the Arab world are sick of being ruled by despots and would like a taste of all the things that come with democracy,free speech,freedom to protest,elections...all the things the west takes for granted.However that monster called Islam will prevent genuine democracy from flourishing in these tribal lands.The only way they could get democracy is by cutting off religion completely from the state.

Gaddafi will hold on to power by any means possible.Could his replacement be far worse?Is the muslim brotherhood behind the uprisings in the middle east?

Countries never prosper under theocratic control and this is what I fear could be the end game for many of these revolutionaries.I hope I'm wrong I really do.

Much of the worlds oil supply lies under desert land in the middle east all in unstable arabic lands.There is some speculation that Osama Bin Laden is behind these uprisings and I would not rule out this possibility.The other plausible theory is people in the middle east have internet access and have seen what life is like for people in the western world.They have seen the freedom and prosperity of the west. Now they want a slice and who could blame them? They know the oil brings in billions yet many of the people live in poverty.

This could soon be a familiar sight on petrol forecourts due to the impending oil crises.

If this crises continues we could see petrol rationing and prices will rocket.The crises will effect every part of our economy.Many motorists will have to cut down on journeys which will mean a drop in footfall in our already struggling city shopping centres.Most goods are transported by road so expect prices to rise in shops and supermarkets.In fact there are 150,000 small to medium sized business on the brink of collapse.All due to a toxic combination of interest rate rises,deep government cuts and of course fuel increases.

I think the west will need to look at other forms of fuel other than fossil fuels.We cannot rely on the regular supply of oil for ever.

If any good comes out of this crises lets hope Gaddafi is captured alive and put on trial for ordering the Lockerbie bombing.Then at least the families that lost loved ones will finally see some justice.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Playing God With Our Money!-The Foreign Aid Scandal!

Never since the 1920's has Britain experienced a recession as bad as the one we are enduring at the moment.Times are hard for everyone,unless you're mega rich of course."We must tighten our belts ,we are all in this together" goes the mantra from the coalition government."If we are to get through this we must cut our cloth according to our coat.","Tough decisions will have to be made." Yeah we've all heard this kind of rhetoric thousands of times and I have to say it's now starting to wear a bit thin.In fact I'm starting to feel the blood rising to my head and steam is coming out of my ears! Why do I feel so mad? Well I want to know why if we are in debt up to are eyeballs are we still giving away £1 billion of tax payers money to fund India?

Minister Andrew Mitchell gives our hard earned cash away to fund India's space programme

How can this coalition government ruthlessly cut services on the one hand and then hand over 1 billion to a rich country like India?Just who the hell do these politicians think they are?India does not need help from us.They have there own space programme,they have nuclear weapons,jets on their air craft carriers (something we no longer have)they even have an overseas aid programme of their very own and they now have over 800,000 millionaires.India is the worlds fastest growing economy after China. 

Just to get your blood boiling here's a few facts about India.

1.India spends 23 billion on it's military
2.They are the 11th largest economy
3.India spends 2.6 % of it's national income on defence,when Britain only spends 2%
4.India has 69 dollar billionaires compared to Britain's 29
5.They are funding their first manned mission to space at a cost of 1.7 billion
6.India is the 11th largest economy in the world
7.India has 46.7 million high income households

India boasts 69 dollar billionaires yet our clueless government hands over  1billion in aid every year!

One of the richest countries on the planet and our dimwitted politicians still give them large handouts year on year!Beggars belief doesn't it?

In fact this government has increased it's foreign aid commitments by 8 per cent while slashing budgets at home.As a country we now commit 7.76billion on overseas aid.Imagine what that amount of money  could do to improve the quality of life for people in this country.Better hospitals,more bobbies on the beat,affordable housing...the list is endless.

Foreign aid does more harm than good.It usually always ends up in the hands of corrupt regimes and is never channelled to people in genuine need.It goes on new helicopters,guns,palaces and limousines for evil bastards like Mugabe.Countries that receive these handouts then become dependent on it and get to a point where they can no longer be self sufficient.They become lazy,unproductive and just wait for that next aid cheque to land on the door mat.

We are not a world power any more,we have not got the resources or the money to go around trying to solve all the worlds problems.The government needs to realise the British Empire went over 50 years ago.We do not have any obligations to feed and cloth the poor of India or the rest of the world.Let the rich Indians look after their own poor.

We are simply borrowing vast amounts of money from countries like China and then redistributing it to countries like India.We should stop all foreign aid NOW!This money should be spent where its needed most..AT HOME!We need to start putting Britain first!

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Could the EDL enter party politics?

There is speculation at the moment that the English Defence League could go political.As I understand it Tommy Robinson (aka Stephen Lennon) has said he will consider entering party politics if the coalition government fails to deal with the problem of militant islam.

Could Tommy Robinson be Britain's Geert Wilders?

There certainly seems to be a glimmer of hope after hearing David Cameron's speech in Munich about how the policy of multiculturalism has so badly failed the people of Britain.The only way multiculuralism can ever work is if people that come and settle in Britain share the same values,culture and there is a mutual respect.In the past it has worked very well with French Hugunots,jews,irish, Caribbeans and the Hindu sikh community.Nearly all have settled in and have embraced the British way of life.Multiculturalism will never work where islam is concerned.The government has allowed this community to carry on living a completely separate way of life  within isolated islamic ghettoes.There has been no attempt to integrate and the muslim community have taken over large areas of our towns and cities to recreate a muslim homeland for themselves.

If you move to another country you shouldn't try to change it in to something that fits in with your lifestyle.You should learn the language,learn the history and embrace the culture.It is grossly unfair to try and enforce an alien culture on us.What really annoys me is we where never asked if we wanted any of this.There was no referendum... nothing.This was forced on us!

Over the past twenty years Labour and Conservative governments have caved in to every demand made by the islamic community.Mosques are popping up all over the place and have played a part in radicalising muslim youth to the jahadi cause.Even during police counter terrorist operations the Police are under strict orders to tread carefully and not to go in too heavy handed in case we might offend them.

People are so terrified of criticising  immigration or islam in case they are labelled a racist.This seems to be the way the left shuts down all debate on multiculturalism.When people can't talk about these issues openly then before long the lid will blow off!

The working class have been cast aside for far too long by the establishment and the Labour Party which used to represent the British working class have long since turned there backs on us.Labour when in power where far too busy socially engineering and currying favour with minorities to shore up there vote.The truth is they took the white working class vote for granted.

Some people have abandoned voting for all three major parties and have now started voting for some of the minor parties.The BNP had a short burst of success and looked like they where heading for a break through with the election of two MEPS.However the fortunes of the BNP have nose dived and it is highly likely they will lose nearly all there council seats in May.The BNP's past history and the unpopularity of Nick Griffin will ensure it will never make a breakthrough.A lot of people still see it as a racist party that only changed it's white only membership criteria because it was forced to.

UKIP have come on leaps and bounds.They have a score of 12 MEPS and a vast army of councilors up and down England.They do not have the baggage the BNP has and they come across as a more sensible moderate party.They want withdrawal from the EU and they want an end to mass immigration.In the recent Oldham by election they finished in front of the BNP and held on to their deposit.This clearly demonstrates that voters of a euro sceptic and anti mass immigration stance are starting to turn away from the BNP.I think UKIP could grow into a major political force in this country.They have the experience and they now have financial backing from a millionaire former tory donor.There isn't the stigma attached to UKIP that the BNP has so I think more people will be happy to help their cause.

So is there room for yet another minor party?The EDL are with out doubt a fantastic street protest movement,what they have achieved in two short years is absolutely amazing.If the EDL does decide to go political then they would need a comprehensive manifesto that deals with all the issues and concerns of the electorate.Single issue parties tend to have very limited success so to be successful they will need to call in experts with knowledge on the economy,education,defence etc.Tommy Robinson has developed into a very good speaker and who knows he could become Britain's very own Geert Wilders.He speaks for the forgotten people ...the working class.He talks about issues that the establishment would rather avoid.He puts his life on the line and he has to have 24 hour police protection.That's how committed Tommy is.
I don't think people will hold his previous membership of the BNP against him because he has been very open about this.Like a lot of people a couple of years ago it was only the BNP that was making a stand against islam so that was the only choice we had.People will grasp at straws when desperate.It is about time we had an ordinary working class guy to represent us instead of the usual Eton/Oxford educated career politicians who have no idea what real life is all about.

I think the best solution is to keep the EDL as a successful street movement and form a separate political party that works along side it.If this new party can attract some wealthy donors and the backing of a major tabloid newspaper then it will become massive.The Daily Star has shown signs of supporting the EDL and they have a readership of well over 800,000.This is something the BNP can only dream about.No major newspaper would touch them with a barge pole...they are the kiss of death.

If Tommy Robinson decides to go political I wish him well!Let's hope this could be the start of something big that will shake this rotten establishment to the core!

Sunday, 6 February 2011


While driving home from work on Thursday night I was chatting to my wife about all the usual stuff how our day at work went then the conversation changed direction to current affairs and politics."There's going to be a big EDL demo in Luton on Saturday,I bet that will be a good crack!" I laughed "I wouldn't mind going to one of their demos."...."Well why don't you!" replied my wife  "Yes what the hell I'm always talking now it's time for action!"  So that night I checked out all the details and times of the demo and booked my train tickets.
I boarded my train at 8.25 and headed off to Luton.

The march to town square

When I got to London St Pancras Station the Met was out in full force.One EDL supporter was arrested by the police before he even managed to board the train to Luton.I've no idea the reasons for his arrest.I then boarded my final train for Luton.When I reached Luton there was dozens of riot vans and as I crossed the railway bridge and entered the outskirts of Luton town centre, there was hundereds of riot police all clad in full riot gear.There was thousands of EDL supporters all eagerly waiting for the march to get started.Most of the shops where all closed for business that day and there was only one pub open for business.
Around 1.30 we began the march down to the town square.It was a great feeling.We all sang patriotic songs and chanted EEEDL!There was an array of interesting flags being flown.There was a Dutch Geert Wilders flag,England flags,Ulster flags,Union flags,German Defence League flags, Israeli flags.Everyone marched sensibly,there was no violence,no misbehaving just high spirited patriots supporting a good cause.When we finally reached the town square it soon filled up.There must have been well over 4000 EDL supporters in attendance.There have been various estimations in the media some very misleading to say the least.The far left newspapers and BBC claimed only 1500 people turned up with a 1000 UAF counter demonstrators.The Metropolitan Police claimed there was around 5000.Well I reckon there had to be at least 4000.It cost Luton council £800,000 to police this demo.If they banned the thugs from the UAF from protesting on the same day then it wouldn't need to cost this much. Luckily for us large barricades in the form of steel fences where put across to prevent these savage lunatics from attacking us.A few managed to break through the Police lines in an attempt to break into our demo and cause disruption fortunetly the Police had full control of the situation.I have to say the Police did a very good job that day and they made the day run safely.

EDL supporters in jovial mood!

There was some great speakers who spoke with passion and conviction for there cause.Tommy Robinson kicked off the proceedings with a good speech.He informed the crowd of a mosque being opened in Luton shopping centre under the guise of a multi faith prayer room.The crowd booed and jeered the council for being weak and caving into the demands of the islamic community.

Tommy Robinson informs the crowd about council plans for a mosque in the towns shopping centre

There was speakers from Europe and America.Elizabeth Sabaditsh Wolff the Austrian activist made a good speech about the importance of standing up to Islam.She has been put on trial in Austria for simply telling the truth about islam.This seems to be part of the course now for politicians who are brave enough to stand up to islam and tell it like it is.She vowed to carry on her fight and said she supported the EDL all the way.One of the best speakers for me was Kevin Carroll he really fired up the crowd.He said he was proud of all the patriots that turned up,he said they would never ever give up the fight,"They can beat us,shoot us,lock us up we will never give in.If we have to die for this cause then we will."Kevin has received death threats and a muslim radical threatened him with a shotgun recently.Tommy Robinson and Guramit Singh have also been threatened for speaking out against militant islam.
Half way through the event Tommy Robinson invited a local mother Emily Brady to take the stage.She gave a harrowing story that sent shock waves through the crowd.Her young daughter was abducted by a muslim in his car who then had an accident.The car caught fire and the Pakistani man lied about there being anyone in the car and the poor girl burned to death.This lowlife could now be released early for "good behaviour".What happened to life meaning life.The scumbag should be left to rot in jail for the rest of his life.That poor mother has lost her daughter and is serving her very own life sentence.This will be something that she will never recover from.Tommy offered his support to Emily and vowed he would do everything he could to prevent this murderer from being released.
A couple of French guys called Louis and Michael spoke about their new movement in France.This new movement was set up to combat the growing threat from islamisation.Paris in particular now has a major problem with islamic fundamentalists and huge neighbourhoods have been overtaken by the growing islamic community.France has the biggest muslim population in Europe.They informed the crowd about a conference which will be held this year concerning the islamisation of Europe,the conference will include many leading European personalities.This will be an interesting development to watch out for.
The last speaker of the day was the Rabbi Shifren from Los Angeles USA.This was his second appearance at an EDL demo.He likened the fight against islamic fundamentalism to the struggle against Nazism during the second world war.He highlighted how damaging multi culturalism was on western society and the need to stand up to this tyrannical poisonous cult.He also said the EDL is leading the way not only in Europe but in the USA too.As a result of the EDL defence leagues have now sprung up in Germany,Holland,America and France.There is without a doubt a growing revolutionary movement in Europe to counteract the jihadists!
Overall a really good demo with a bit of light entertainment thrown in courtesy of Alex and Anglo Saxon.Alex sang a couple of songs while playing his electric guitar, one an old punk classic Pretty Vacant and one called Revolution (I think).Anglo Saxon sang a song about England which was sung from the heart!

Around 3.30 the demo came to a close and we made are way back to the train station and the coach car park.I'm glad I got off my arse and made the effort to attend this demo.I think all patriots that are concerned about the growing threat of islam should make the effort and attend a demo.The bigger these demos get the louder our voices get.The only way we can make this establishment listen is by taking to the streets in large numbers.So do it.. leave the computers behind and come and join the growing army of patriots.Together we can show the establishment,together we can win!