Sunday, 29 April 2012


The EDL will be protesting in Luton on the 5th May.Numbers should be around the same as last year.This demo will be an interesting one as it is rumoured Tommy will be announcing some very important news.Political pundits are speculating Tommy will be endorsing the British Freedom Party as the official political wing of the English Defence League and that he will be deputy leader.This will be great publicity for this new party which will be featured on news bulletins across the globe.The British Freedom Party will provide those concerned with the islamisation of Britain a sensible alternative to vote for.Sadly none of the other parties (except the BNP) have the courage to tackle this issue. I would urge all patriots that are fed up with islamic fundamentalism to make the effort to attend this demo.Don't be a keyboard warrior or an armchair patriot get on the streets and make your voice heard.Demonstrations are a great way of annoying the establishment and it is the only way of making these out of touch politicians listen.

Coaches will drop off at Park Street / Cumberland Street and will then be directed to the Coach Park.

Those arriving by Train will be directed to the muster point approximately five minutes’ walk from the station.

The muster points will be:
1.Edge Nightclub, Park Street
2.The Chequers, Park Street
3.Bat & Barrel, Park Street
4.The Moulders, Park Street
5.Finnegans Cafe, Park Street
6.The Sandwich Bar, Park Street

A Beer Stall will also be set up in the road.

The owners of these establishments are doing us a favour by opening, so please show them the respect they are due.

Opening times will be 08.30-12.00. All other pubs in Luton town centre will be closed until 5pm.

From the muster points we will then set off for a short march at 1pm, which will be followed by speeches at the demonstration site.

As always, we’d ask everyone to take care on their way home and avoid lingering in the town centre.

Tommy Robinson (EDL Leader) would like to send out a personal invite to anyone who wants to watch the Cup Final to join him in The Parrot after the demonstration.

Will be a great event...see you all there!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

UKIP Beating The Lib Dems in the polls

UKIP has overtaken the Liberal Democrats in the polls for the first time.The latest polls put them on 9% and the Lib Dems on 8%.The best we can hope for is UKIP getting enough seats in the next general election to form a coalition with the Conservatives.This would get the in out referendum on the EU and would return a degree of common sense and normality back to Westminster.As much as I admire and support the British Freedom Party and it's first class statesman Paul Weston they are not in a strong position to fight general elections and win seats.To be fair they've only been around for five minutes and it could take years to build up a high public profile.So the only credible option patriots have of getting their concerns heard in parliament is to vote UKIP.One worrying sign of these polls was the fact that 43% of voters in this poll would be prepared to vote Labour back in.The mind boggles!After the mess this party left the country in people would actually give them another shot at running the country.Well if Labour do get back in again they will well and trully flush whats left of Great Britain down the toilet.We would end up a bankrupted third world shit hole!