Sunday, 18 September 2011

Swiss MP speaks out against the islamisation of Europe!

Swiss MP Oskar Freysinger delivers a passionate speech about the lunacy of appeasing Islam.For too long now western governments have given into this wicked ideaology by paying off muslims with generous welfare handouts and continually giving in to every single demand.The policy of multi culturalism has allowed this cancer to flourish with many western towns and cities now resembling islamic madrassas.

Europeans fought hard over centuries to protect our freedoms and civil liberties.In the past (not too distant)we stood upto Nazism and communism.Now we must wake up to the threat of Islam.Fanatics can not be bought off with welfare benefits and "special" rights.They are taking advantage of our weak laws,they are running circles round us and they are taking us for mugs.

Maybe one day a real leader (not a politician) will step forward and lead us out of this mess.Who knows we might even get our very own Wilders.

...........I live in hope!

Enjoy the video!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

The REAL FACE of the violent UAF!

The EDL protested in Tower Hamlets yesterday.Teresa May banned them from marching but the EDL managed a static protest.As usual all the great unwashed turned up to opposse the EDL's right to protest.All the usual accusations of being "racist","intolerant" or even worse "nazi" where shouted out.
Tommy Robinson turned up to speak despite being banned by the authorities and breaching his bail conditions.This man is a true patriot and it will take more than the dirty lowlives of the UAF to keep this guy down!

If you ever wondered what sort of people support the UAF then take a look
at the video below.A coach load of EDL supporters stopped outside a mosque in Tower Hamlets and this commie cretin thought it was great that a lady from the EDL group got punched in the face and kicked.This is the real UAF.They are not people that can be reasoned with or debated with.They are biggoted thugs.How on earth can you call yourself anti fascist then think it is alright to violently assault a women because she does not aggree with that's fascism!