Where We Stand

I decided to set up this humble blog as way of venting my anger and frustration on how abysmally this country is run.This blog gives me the opportunity to share thoughts and ideas with fellow like minded souls.

I would like to think I'm a moderate nationalist that believes in free speech and democracy.I would like to see an end to mass immigration and an end to our membership of the EU.I suppose if you wanted to give me a label then I would class myself as a cultural nationalist rather than the old divisive,tunnel vision ethno nationalist.

I've voted BNP in the past but I've since changed to UKIP as I think they are the only party that is steadily gaining ground with an image that appeals to a lot more voters than the BNP.

I believe in fighting to preserve the British way of life,culture and to restore our lost independence.I am not a racist or national socialist.This type of ideology is far too toxic and dangerous for any sane,rational human being.So if you believe in zionist conspiracies,racial supremacy and you worship a little corporal from Austria then I would suggest this blog is definitely not for you !