Sunday, 23 September 2012

Islamic Colonisation in Burnley

This video by World Wide News Service interviewed two local ladies from Burnley.The American reporter wanted to know what life was like for local white people in this town.The report was quite distressing and I felt deeply disturbed watching it.White females dare not walk the streets after dark in case they get molested by muslim men.White children dare not leave the school gates on their own without a parent because they will be followed mugged and thrown in the canal.While the interview was being filmed a car tried to block the filming and summoned a flash mob on his mobile to try and put a stop to the filming.One of the ladies decided to make herself scarce and ran off because she knew what was coming next if she stayed talking to the reporter.The interviewer then began talking to some local muslim lads.He asked them if they believed in sharia law.One said he did but it wont happen at the moment and would only happen in a muslim country.He then went on to explain that Britain would be much better as an islamic nation and sharia law would be good.A lot of these lads where dressed in full islamic garb.As more muslims gathered glass bombs where thrown down on the film crew by angry muslims.

The American reporter was astonished to see this in the heart of an old English northern town.The area had been islamified and was now a no go area to non muslims.Local white females are constantly harrassed for sex and treated like prostitutes.The ladies warned people that if this comes to your town keep your children (especially daughters) close to you at all times.Many indigenous people left this area to go and live in areas that are still English,which seems to be the pattern all too often.Sociologists call it white flight.But people can't run forever,sooner or later a tipping point will come and we either stand up and fight or submit.The way this is developing we could have a civil war in twenty years.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Walthamstow EDL Demo

The latest EDL demo was held in London yesterday in the suburb of Walthamstow.Like the previous Bristol demo numbers where around the 300 mark according to which report you read.This demo was met with even more hostility than the Bristol demo.The Met treated the EDL patriots like wild animals and allowed the islamic/commie scumbags within 6-12 ft of the EDL marchers.Bricks,bottles,firecrackers and wood rained down on the EDL.The UAF and trade unionists managed to mobilise a big turn out to oppose the EDL demo outnumbering the EDL 3 to 1.The police should have shown a bit more gusto and got heavy with this gang of feral left wing scum but instead went for the easy option the co operative EDL patriot.The EDL where determined to reach the meeting point but the UAF led gangs stood in their way.So this time there was no speeches from Tommy,Kev or Paul Weston.Apparently Tommy nearly took a brick to the head and handed the evidence over to the Police for future prosecutions.

The EDL where then kettled in for hours without being able to use toilet facilities or get access to refreshments.Many where searched and many arrested taken to various police stations throughout the capital and then de arrested and released.Many people missed trains and buses and it took them hours to get home.I believe this is a new tactic by the police to deter people from joining future demos.David Cameron always said he will find a way to crush the EDL and this could just be the start of it.They've allowed the EDL to be attacked and now they are trying to distrupt their travel arrangements.The RMT even instructed train drivers to refuse EDL members from travelling on their trains.These union members should get on with doing their jobs and stop trying to dictate marxist agendas to the rest of us.

Many EDL members felt very angry about their treatment from the Metropolitan Police and some have vowed never to protest in London again.Many now want to stop cooperation with the police because the police do not show them any respect.Some EDL members received blows to the head from police batons.The EDL are not troublemakers they are only trying to peacefully protest and bring subjects to light that politicians shy away from.The main source of violence and mayhem always comes from the same suspects.......the left wing unwashed tramps of the UAF.The fact these scumbags continually get away with attacking EDL demonstrations leads me to believe they are state sponsored.
Police batons brutalised EDL protester

If people are prevented from speaking out in public where will it lead to next???

Quite a frightening prospect!


Sunday, 19 August 2012

Racism cuts both ways-black racist spouts racist tirade on tube train

After Emma West and Jacqueline Woodhouse where exposed by the press for racist rants on public transport,I was quite surprised with the deafening silence from the MSM regarding this young black lady who commited exactly the same act but this time against the white community.This nutcase can be seen angrily posturing up and down shouting racial obscenties aimed squarely at white people.Her remarks are definetly of a racist nature and supremacist.She makes it known to everyone on that train that she hates white people and the more black people the better.Where is the police investigation,the media circus???Where are Hope Not Hate,the Anti Fa and all the other anti racist crusaders????Come on guys your silence is deafening?This video has gone viral and yet none of these race campaigners have come forward to publicly condem this women.Could it be that racism only counts if it's against black and asian people?So when it's the other way round it doesn't count?Surely racism is racism??? To be honest I don't think anyone should be thrown in jail for voicing opinions.In the case of Emma West and Jacqueline Woodhouse a quite word from the old bill would have been more than enough.But the race brigade always want blood.They wanted these womens lives turned upside down,a witch hunt and a public flogging!Both of these women lost their jobs too....for what a drunken rant on a train.Yet it would seem if your black you can say what you want and there is no consequences. This country has a two teir justice system that stinks.It's frustrating people and I can see people starting to take matters into their own hands rather than bothering with the police.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

The EDL Marched through Bristol with heads held high!

This was to be my third demo with the EDL,this time it was Bristols turn.This demo was greeted with alot more hostility than the the Luton demo.The red/anarchist factions mobilised hundereds of rent a mob from around the country to try and cause as much disruption as possible and make it harder for the Police to marshall the demo.These reds where determined to provoke the EDL marchers into a fight and I'm sure if the Police didn't have enough man power these thugs would have broke through and the whole demo would have descended into a mass punch up.
Brainwashed Adolescents recruited to oppose the EDL
I made my way by train,as soon as we arrived at Bristol Temple Meads we where herded into a compound at the back of the train station while the Police waited for another train to arrive.We must have been there for around an hour before we where allowed to join our muster point.Finally after standing around for an eternity we marched off to the muster point at Redcliffe Wharf.As we marched through Redcliffe Way,we had to endure the hysterical rantings of brainwashed lefties,one woman ran towards the marchers screaming profanities and abuse.There where hundereds of people clicking away on mobile phones and cameras trying to get as many photos as possible.Some I imagine where genuine newspaper journalists others where collecting data for red front organisations.I can only imagine some of these photos will end up on commie web sites.Perhaps to identify marchers so they can then be attacked or intimidated in the future.This is why some marchers choose to conceal their identies with snoods,masks or scarfs.They know that making a stand against Islam can mean death threats,losing their livliehoods or even putting their families in danger.Isn't it a strange country we now live in where muslim women can walk our streets concealing their identies with the burka,yet if an English man/woman decides to conceal their identity on a legal demo they can be arrested for a section 4 offence.
When we finally arrived at our muster point which doubled up as a coach park we stood around for another hour till the Police decided it was safe enough for us to march to Queen Square.At the top of the embankment the reds hurled abuse at us and continued filming and snapping away on their cameras.One EDL man managed to unveil a large ST Georges cross with EDL Kent Division this was greeted with a huge round of applause from the EDL camp,to the annoyance of the reds.The guy had some bottle and he had to make a sharp exit when the reds cottoned on to him.At one point the Police led a batton charge at the reds which again was greeted with cheers and laughter. After chatting with many interesting people it was time for the short march to Queens Square.These reds just wouldn't give up taunting us.We all marched proudly past them with our heads held high ,we didn't care what these brain washed morons thought of us because we all knew that what we where doing was a just and righteous cause.We chanted insults back at them,there was some really funny insults too like "Get a wash,get a wash" or "We pay your benefits,we pay your benefits" as well as "Your not English anymore!".We smiled at them waved at them,we had fun showing these idiots up for the bigots they really are.Most of these dickheads where adolescent students or unemployable squtters that have not grown up and carry on living like anarcho punks from the early eighties.I think alot of these counter protesters where recruited from our universities and colleges where the far left have successfully infiltrated over the years.These young kids are extremely naive and foolish.They probably believe that they are supporting a good cause and that they are being rebellious.Well there not,they are being used as pawns by the far left.If islam does take over this country one day then alternative lifestyles will be the first to go.Make no bones about it,punk,dance, enjoying loud music,drinking wearing what you want will be outlawed and replaced with strict sharia law.So in essence they are supporting an idealogy to flourish that will one day have them persecuted.

As we entered Queens Square the loud PA system blasted out Alex and The Bandits.Great patriotic music that lifts the soul.I made my way to the merchandise tent and purchased an EDL snood and a new t shirt which I will wear with pride to the next demo.To help keep this cause going I recommend all EDL patriots buy into the merchandise because the organisation can not run on thin air.The first speaker to take to the stage was Tony Curtis,he is a brilliant orator that puts his heart and soul into every speech.He urged everyone to tell their family and their workmates about the good work the EDL does.There is no doubt about it we must wake up more and more people about this evil menace that could one day take over our country.The one thing that could help the islamists into power is apathy.Many people I know moan about immigration,the islamisation of England,the EU and the shit cabal that resides in Westminster but when it comes to the crunch they won't stand up and be counted they expect other people to do it for them.Passing round news articles on Facebook,ranting on forums or putting the world to rights down the local wont change anything.Get off your arse and join a demo!Be brave,be a patriot stand up for England!If you can't be arsed to make a stand then don't bother moaning to me because I'm sick of key board warriors!
Kevin Carroll made an appearance and gave a good speech on the cuts to the armed forces and how disgusting our soldiers are treated by this dispicable government.When tories harp on about cutting ,what they mean is cutting our armed fores our police force and institutions that are for the good of the country.They won't cut where cuts are needed like foreign aid or the EU.Now they've cut the armed forces so far back to Boer War levels will that mean pulling out of foreign conflicts and guarding British soil???Not a chance they will still follow America in spreading democracy around the world and supporting corrupt regimes.Soldiers will be made to do more and more tours of Afghan and they will be pushed to exhaustion.I'd like to see our armed forces pulled out of foreign conflicts that don't concern us.They are needed here to protect our land.The enemy is right here in our cities,it's not a goat herder in Afghanistan we need to worry about it's the jihadists in Oldham,Bradford,Tower Hamlets,Leceicester that are here planning jihad.
A transsexual called Jayne then took to the stage.She had been a member of the EDL from day one and nobody cared about her new idenity,all the crowd treated her with respect.I thought she was a very brave person to make a stand like that.She knows that gay and transexual people would be murdered if the islamists got their way.Just watch the Fitna film to see what happens in islamic countries to the gay community.
The final speech came from Chelsea Ann White.She made a fantastic speech and made some very good points.She spoke with passion and you could see she meant every word of it.
The marxist thug Martin Smith arrested yet again for public order offences

The demo came to a close we bid farewell and made our way back to the muster point.This dragged on for ages because the Anti Fa tried to attack the marchers and the Police.Bins where emptied and set fire to,eggs where pelted at us and again we had to endure incoherent verbal abuse from moronic half wit marxoids.Had these arseholes not turned up at the demo there would'nt  have been a need for so many police and we would have all gone home ages ago,but no the Anti Fa where determined to cause trouble. On the whole the EDl behaved peacefully and the only thugs came from the usual rabble of scum that always manifests itself at every patriotic gathering...the UAF.The only threat to democracy comes from this gang of poisonous biggots that use violence and intimidation to suppress freedom of speech.An organisation that is a front for the Socailist Workers Party and is funded by trade unions.Well I have a message for the UAF the EDL is not going away we will march through every town and city in the land we will not be stopped by a fascist gang of unwashed tramps.In the words of Winston Churchill "WE WILL NEVER SURRENDER!"

The muster point

Sunday, 27 May 2012

EDL to bring the protest to Bristol

The Bristol division of the EDL will be staging a demonstration in central Bristol on the 14 July.Already this has sent shockwaves through the far left campus.Anyone familiar with Bristol will know it's a hot bed of anarchist/socialist worker lowlife.There is a large grouping that has manifested itself around the Stokes Croft area of the city.A particulary unpleasant unwashed  gang of unemployable drug addled scumbags.This was the scene of a riot last year when a branch of Tescos was burned to the ground.These people have already joined online forums and blogs threatening the EDL with violence if they dare show there faces around "their" city.One local businessman who ran a market stall in the St Nicholas Market had all his stock trashed with white paint by these anarchists because they believed he was a fascist.Infact he is a scooter skin with a love for ska, northern soul and scooter rallies.Yet this was enough for these dickheads to vandalise his stock and ruin his livliehood.Even if he does hold extreme right wing beliefs it doesn't give anyone the right to trash his business.What next assaulting people in the street for having shaven heads and union jack tattoos?

Bristol is a hotbed for radical anarchists and the far left.

Farleft bloggers have posted cartoons of anarchists clutching baseball bats inciting violence against the EDL and urging fellow travellors to take to the streets and give the EDL a good kicking.These bastards have been known to throw calor gas bottles from roof tops onto Police and demonstrators.If the demo does get approval I hope to God it is policed properly otherwise it could turn very nasty.These lowlives are even worse than the UAF.They live in squats around Bristol don't work and they have absolutely nothing to lose.They will not care about getting arrested and will attempt to cause as much mayhem as possible.I would say if the anarchists break through into the demo then the EDL have every right to defend themselves but I don't think looking for a battle with these lowlives will do the EDL's cause any good at all.After all the media always focus on the EDL never the scum that cause trouble in the first place.We must not give the left any ammunition to use against us.If the demo can be kept peaceful then we will hold the moral highground and show these reds up for the contemptable scum they really are.

Anarchist lowlife causing mayhem in Stokes Croft

What amazes me about the far left is the fact they will use violence,intimidation and threatening behaviour against anyone that doesn't aggree with them yet they pretend to be the guardians of individual freedoms.The way this lot behave is no different to Hitler's brown shirts.The tactics are exactly the same.Wasn't it Hitler that trashed shops and broke skulls and yet the so called anti fascists are exactly the same.The EDL are a  human rights organisation protesting against a dangerous medievel cult that would take Britain back to the dark ages.If the muslim population is allowed to keep growing then the freedom of the individual will be erroded.Do the anti fash really believe they will be allowed to carry on spiking their hair,listening to punk music and swigging special brew?These idiots should look at countries like Indonesia or Iraq where people who have chosen alternative lifestyles have been persecuted and murdered.In Indonesia punk rockers have been beaten up by the authorities had their mohicans shaved off and sent to correction centres to learn the error of their ways.Pop star Lady Ga Ga was threatened by islamic fundamentalists on her recent tour of Indonesia.I cannot for the life of me understand why someone that follows a lifestyle like punk would want to defend a fascist cult like islam that would have them persecuted.Many of these people will be quite happy to have a pop at christianity but wouldn't dare be critical of islam because they wouldn't want to appear "racist".Well islam is not a race it's an idealogy.These people are being used by the far left as useless fools.If they did truly believe in individual freedom then they would let the EDL hold their demo in peace and show a bit of respect for different points of view.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

The EDL Celebrates 3 years with a march through Luton

This was my second EDL demo and what a day it was!Thankfully the rain didn't make an appearance and spoil the proceedings!The march was routed to a different part of town this year away from the shopping center.We all met up at the Chequers pub next to the flyover.There was a great atmosphere of comaraderie and everyone was having fun.The Chequers pub put on a live band to entertain us and belted out classics by Oasis and Madness to name a few.There was outside stalls selling Stella and another stall selling EDL merchandise.I tucked into my wallet passed the vender a tenner and purchased an EDL tshirt which I will wear with pride to my next demo.There was another chap selling some really tasty looking enamel badges.I purchased a nice red white and blue EDL badge off him and pinned it onto my flight jacket and what a smart addition to my collection of badges!

There was divisions from all over the country and there was plenty of ST George cross flags on display emblazoned with anti jahadi slogans that will make the far left and islamo fascists foam at the mouth with rage.One chap from Chester made a very impressive placard picturing the prophet Muhammed with his child bride Aisha in a pram.A reminder of how disgusting and depraved this so called religion of peace really is!

After a few well deserved pints and a chat with Dave from Chester the clock struck 1 and it was time for the off!

The police led the marchers on horse back and foot armed with riot sheilds and truncheons.I have to say the Bedfordshire Police did a good job of controlling the demo and ensuring everyone was kept safe.There was some great singing and chanting."Keep St George in my Heart Keep me English!" followed by E-E-EDL  and "Allah,Allah who the F*** is Allah!"  I make no apology for the last chant I regard the prophet with as much distaste as I would Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin.

On the whole the march went really well apart from a few dickheads determined to cause trouble by throwing cans of full lager at the police and wading into paramedics who where sent to help someone who collapsed.People who do this are mindless scum who have no business attending an EDL demo.They damage the cause and feed fuel to the critics who want to see the EDL demonised and ridiculed.If you can't march peacefully then don't march,your ruining it for everyone else!

As the march reached it's final destination we where treated with some fine speeches by Kevin Carroll and Tommy Robinson.They both made their points well and spoke with passion and belief.After listening to them you felt this is two real people speaking from experience that meant every word.Tommy made us aware of how corrupt Luton town council really is and what a useless councilor Hazel Simmons is.She still refuses to talk to the EDL and has even called Kevin a nazi.You know there losing the argument when they resort to childless name calling.

A recent islamic plot was uncovered which involved blowing up the TA Army barracks in the town.Tommy showed us all the local rag with the article.Not on the front page,not even page two but page 9...that's the level of importance.The EDL march was featured on page two because they are more worried about a few patriots peacefully demonstrating than a gang of islamic fundamentalists plotting terrorist mayhem.I think there is an air of fear when reporting such crime.They are so terrified of being accussed of "racism" they tip toe round these issues so as not to hurt the sensitivities of the islamic community or upset social cohesion.

Kevin made an important announcment,which I think will be groundbreaking!Kevin and Tommy have been appointed vice chairman (they will share the role) of the British Freedom Party.This will give patriots a sensible party to vote for that isn't led by a neo nazi (unlike the BNP) ,a party they can openly support without having to whisper and look over their shoulder.I think this partnership has huge potential.There is a huge base of working class people that have never voted in their lives because they have felt the main parties do not listen or represent their concerns.The establishment parties stopped listening to ordinary people years ago.They shy away from the islamic threat,they dodge the immigration issue and they refuse to give the people a referendum on EU membership.The British Freedom Party will give you the lot ,all you need to do is get out and vote for them!The EDL has been very successful in mobilising working class patriots to take to the streets and bring the issue of islamic fundamentalism to the public domain.For too long these issues have been brushed under the carpet by a corrupt establishment funded by Saudi  money.How many nationalist parties have managed to mobilize 3000 patriots for a street demo?The BNP never could and never will.....the next conference wouldn't fill a scout hut!

Tommy will make a great spokesman for the British Freedom Party there arn't many that can match Paxman!

Overall a successful demo and with still bigger numbers than the UAF could muster.A fantastic achievment for a movement still going strong in it's third year!May the Crusade continue!

Sunday, 29 April 2012


The EDL will be protesting in Luton on the 5th May.Numbers should be around the same as last year.This demo will be an interesting one as it is rumoured Tommy will be announcing some very important news.Political pundits are speculating Tommy will be endorsing the British Freedom Party as the official political wing of the English Defence League and that he will be deputy leader.This will be great publicity for this new party which will be featured on news bulletins across the globe.The British Freedom Party will provide those concerned with the islamisation of Britain a sensible alternative to vote for.Sadly none of the other parties (except the BNP) have the courage to tackle this issue. I would urge all patriots that are fed up with islamic fundamentalism to make the effort to attend this demo.Don't be a keyboard warrior or an armchair patriot get on the streets and make your voice heard.Demonstrations are a great way of annoying the establishment and it is the only way of making these out of touch politicians listen.

Coaches will drop off at Park Street / Cumberland Street and will then be directed to the Coach Park.

Those arriving by Train will be directed to the muster point approximately five minutes’ walk from the station.

The muster points will be:
1.Edge Nightclub, Park Street
2.The Chequers, Park Street
3.Bat & Barrel, Park Street
4.The Moulders, Park Street
5.Finnegans Cafe, Park Street
6.The Sandwich Bar, Park Street

A Beer Stall will also be set up in the road.

The owners of these establishments are doing us a favour by opening, so please show them the respect they are due.

Opening times will be 08.30-12.00. All other pubs in Luton town centre will be closed until 5pm.

From the muster points we will then set off for a short march at 1pm, which will be followed by speeches at the demonstration site.

As always, we’d ask everyone to take care on their way home and avoid lingering in the town centre.

Tommy Robinson (EDL Leader) would like to send out a personal invite to anyone who wants to watch the Cup Final to join him in The Parrot after the demonstration.

Will be a great event...see you all there!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

UKIP Beating The Lib Dems in the polls

UKIP has overtaken the Liberal Democrats in the polls for the first time.The latest polls put them on 9% and the Lib Dems on 8%.The best we can hope for is UKIP getting enough seats in the next general election to form a coalition with the Conservatives.This would get the in out referendum on the EU and would return a degree of common sense and normality back to Westminster.As much as I admire and support the British Freedom Party and it's first class statesman Paul Weston they are not in a strong position to fight general elections and win seats.To be fair they've only been around for five minutes and it could take years to build up a high public profile.So the only credible option patriots have of getting their concerns heard in parliament is to vote UKIP.One worrying sign of these polls was the fact that 43% of voters in this poll would be prepared to vote Labour back in.The mind boggles!After the mess this party left the country in people would actually give them another shot at running the country.Well if Labour do get back in again they will well and trully flush whats left of Great Britain down the toilet.We would end up a bankrupted third world shit hole!

Saturday, 31 March 2012

George Galloway-Leading the islamic Crusade in England

Respect Party's Galloway gets elected-The start of something very nasty!

Well if you thought things couldn't get any worse they just did!Yesterday saw the election of that revolting excuse for a human being Galloway get elected as MP for Bradford West.The firebrand socialist won the seat with a massive 10,000 majority a feat never seen before in British electoral history.

Respect is now the official islamic party of Great Britain

Labour had held this safe seat for nearly 40 years.Infact so sure of victory Milliband had planned a victory tour of the consituency.Well what a come down.Labour thought the election would be a walk over for them because they took for granted the electorate (as they always do).They took no chances and put up the token muslim candidate a pakistani called Imran Hussain,thinking this would easily secure victory for the party.However while Milliband argued over pasty taxes in Westminster Galloway was busy mobilising the islamic vote.

There has been reports of many dirty tricks played by this mavericks party.One included distributing a leaflet to the muslim community claiming George was a much better candidate than Labour's Imran because he didn't drink.It painted a picture of Galloway as a "good" example to islam unlike Imran who alledgedly enjoys a tipple down the local boozer.Galloway played the anti war card.He played this card well,knowing how angry muslims are at the west invading Iraq and Afghanistan.

This was a big shock for Labour that they failed to see coming.A party that invited half the world to come and live here in a belief that it would help them secure the reins of power with a massive block vote.Now the tables are starting to be turned on this out of touch party.The very people Labour spent years sucking upto have turned on them.Milliband looked totaly out of his depth and was truly puzzled with the outcome.If he really wants to know how Galloway achieved this massive victory then he needs to get out of his bubble and start facing some home truths.Galloway won this victory because he mobilised the islamic block vote.He canvassed door to door and he had a massive helping hand from the local imans.Old ladies who hadn't seen the light of day for donkeys years where wheeled out down the polling station and told where to mark that cross.The message was spread like wild fire amongst the muslim youth that Galloway speaks for them,he is one of us,a man the muslim can trust.He played upto to their anti western angst and he won.

For years many people in the patriotic scene have been warning something like this would happen,but have been shut up by the thought police.Be under no illusions this is the start of an islamic crusade to take over England and implement an islamic government.This won't stop with Bradford West the Respect party will go on to the next islamic enclave and will repeat the same campaign.They have tested the water and found a winning formula.They know our democracy is weak.They know full well the indigenous people of these Isles have given up on the main political parties.They can see that our own apathy will help them take over our country.

The muslim community does not need to be as big as the indigenous population to take over parliament.They can do it easily by mobilising muslim voters in the mosques.The elder tells them who to vote for and the flock will go out and vote without question because they believe it is their duty as a "good" muslim.

I believe Respect is the Islamic Party of Great Britain.I seriously believe Galloway has converted to islam and sees the muslim community as a way of elevating him to the higher echelons of power.He sees himself as a wanna be dictator like his friends Saddam Hussein and Colonel Gaddafi.The muslims will use Galloway to achieve their aim and when they've acheived power Galloway will be desposed of.He will be seen as the useful idiot he really is.

I hope this has woken people up to the reality that now faces this country.People really do need to take their heads out of the sand because apathy will be our down fall.

The Bradford West election results.

George Gallowy-18,341
Liberal Democrats-1,505

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Keith Allen interviews Nick Griffin -Predictable leftie bias?

Leftie luvvie Keith Allen interviewed Nick Griffin.Yet another programme maker unable to debate in an adult manor.

I watched Keith Alan (dad of Lily Allen) meets Nick Griffin (head of the BNP) last night. Now I don't like Nick Griffin, I think he's smarmy, a bit creepy and more than a little thick, but nor do I like lefty-liberal Keith Allen - another of our own people who would sit and watch us all destroyed and think it was all lovely cuddly multi-culturalism. But Allen said he would give Griffin a fair crack of the whip and not railroad him as he was on Question time by the lefty BBC and the rest of the media, so I thought I'd check it out. All that Allen and the editing did, however, was to assassinate Griffin in a more measured and reasonable way, dropping in the "nazi" bomb at regular intervals, showing clips that associated him with the clan and various other distasteful images.
Several things really showed this programme up for the one-sided propaganda it was, however. Griffin made the sort of claims that I do myself against Islam, its violence, its intention to take over everywhere and enforce sharia law on the rest of us, the muslim gangs grooming white girls as sex slaves, to which Alan pulled a lot of disbelieving faces and said he would do some research on it. That was never mentioned again, so either he didn't do the research, or he found things to prove himself wrong and decided not to put them in the show.
Then he made much of some BNP members out canvassing and how it descended into a brawl with a group of asian men. But while the blame was pinned squarely on the BNP, the truth is that it was the asian men who first approached them in a belligerent manner intent of chasing them out of "their patch" and the fight only broke out when one of the asians spat in one of their faces. I'm not a violent man, but you spit in my face and you can expect a right hook in return. If Islamics don't agree with something, they chase it away, intimidate it or resort to violence and murder. That is a simple matter of record from all around the globe.
And what showed up Keith Allen's hypocrisy more than anything was when a picture was texted to him by a Griffin aid showing him and a couple of other BNP members sitting around a restaraunt table in their shirt sleeves. Obviously worse for drink himself, Alan took one look at it and said, "what a bunch of poofs." Then he held the picture up to the camera and said, "they look like something from queers are us," and then some other remark about the posh food they were probably eating, also alluding to it being gay. So one minute he's all holier than though about Griffin and the BNP's bigotry and the next minute he's demonstrating his own rank homophobia. Two faced little shit thinks far too much of himself.
They ended with some film of a skinhead complaining on camera about islam and the man was oherent from drink. Take it from me, however, if they got two interviews, one from a drunken twat and one from someone arguing a clear and coherent case against Islam, the drunken twat would be the one they would go with every time. That's how propaganda works. As a woman once said to some camermen during the Irish troubles "you lyng BBC, you're filming things that aren't happening.

Article written by Tony Groves

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Paul Weston speaking in New York

British Freedom's London Meeting cancelled!

The newly formed British Freedom Party was due to host it's first London meeting this Saturday.A whole range of topics and party policies where on the agenda with a questions and answer session at the end.This would have been a great opportunity for anyone interested to find out more about the party as well as making new friends and engaging in friendly debate.Unfortunately the landlord of the venue cancelled the meeting right at the very last minute.The party is certain this was due to communist thugs from the UAF finding out about the event and threatening the landlord with action if the event was allowed to go ahead.Apparently the landlord sounded very frightened over the phone.The landlord was scared for his liveliehood and reputation which is fully understandable in these hard economic times.

The UAF attacking a patriot.The far left uses intimidation and threats to silence opposition.

It is an outrage to the democratic process that a band of thugs can intimidate a lawful democratic party from going about it's business.What is even more outrageous is the amount of MP's that have openly signed up to support this organisation.Even David Cameron the Prime Minister is on their list of supporters.

The UAF propose to be against fascisim yet they behave like the fascists they so vehemently protest against.This rabble of unwashed proffessional protesters and students do not know the meaning of free speech or democracy.They suffer from tunnel vision and see the world in black and white.The UAF is a front for the Socialist Workers Party another odious marxist outfit.The UAF has just recently elected a radical islamic cleric as it's Deputy Fuhrer -a Azad Ali.This is a man that supports terrorism and used to attend meetings with Europes spiritual leader of Al Queda.The Anti Fash have now teamed up with radical muslims to fight the growing support for British Freedom and the EDL.

The UAF have teamed up with islamic extremists.

Azad Ali is newly elected Deputy Fuhrer of Unite Against Facism-a keen supporter of terrorism and radical islam.

The far left are very worried about the EDL and British Freedom.This is because unlike the BNP and it's forerunner the NF the new patriotic movement is not driven by race but by culture and traditional values.British Freedom fights to preserve the British way of life and uphold the culture that has made Britain a decent and civilisated country to live in for hundereds of years.This cultural harmony is now under threat from dangerous outside forces that seek to turn Britain into an islamic dictatorship.The far left are working hand in hand with islamic extremists to acheive this goal.I think the islamics are using the left as useful idiots and when their time comes this leftist rabble will be the first to hang from the gallows.

There is very strong evidence in Britain that there lies a huge untapped support base for a party that supports British culture and values but is not racist.The far left could easily demonise the BNP due to it's history of open anti-semitism and blatant racism.The left could stifle support for the BNP by threatening to "out" members,ruin careers and have members sacked from their jobs.All they needed to do was accuse them of being racist nazis.So many potential supporters where put off from joining the BNP and many members soon left due the stigma the party carries with it.So a party like the BNP is a gift to the far left.They can easily prevent it from gaining ground.But a party like British Freedom is alot harder for them to try and crush.Their executive council are people that have no NF or BNP history.They are not holocaust deniers or closet Hitler lovers.There is no colour bar to joining ,all you need is a love for your country.So all the sticks that the left have used to beat the British patriot for years have now been removed.No wonder the left are getting worried!

It is a shame the London meeting was cancelled but I'm sure there will be another one.Perhaps meetings need to be kept under wraps untill the last minute.Members may need to meet up at a re direction point to prevent far left agitators from breaking up future meetings.I think it would also be wise to employ a security firm to ensure the safety of delegates.

Please check out this list of prominent UAF supportes-a real eye opener!

Brent North Barry Gardiner MP
Central Ayrshire Brian Donohue MP
Delyn David Hanson MP
Gower Martin Caton MP
Hackney North and Stoke Newington Diane Abbott MP
Harborough Edward Garnier MP
Hemsworth John Trickett MP
Leicester East Keith Vaz MP
Leyton and Wanstead John Cryer MP
Liverpool, Riverside Louise Ellman MP
Luton North Kelvin Hopkins MP
Mansfield Alan Meale MP
Neath Peter Hain MP
Paisley and Renfrewshire North Jim Sheridan MP
Penistone and Stocksbridge Angela Smith
2010 no longer an MP (NOT Angela C. Smith)
Portsmouth South Mike Hancock MP
Sheffield South East Clive Betts MP
Telford David Wright MP
West Bromwich West Adrian Bailey MP
Witney David Cameron PM Internet contact form
Worthing West Peter Bottomley MP
- none - Janet Anderson 2010 no longer an MP
- none - Vera Baird 2010 no longer an MP
- none - Tony Benn -
- none - Roger Berry 2010 no longer an MP
- none - Peter Bradley 2005 no longer an MP
- none - Colin Challen 2010 no longer an MP
- none - Helen Clark 2005 no longer an MP
- none - Harry Cohen 2010 no longer an MP
- none - Terry Davis 2004 no longer an MP
- none - Janet Dean 2010 no longer an MP
- none - Bill Etherington 2010 no longer an MP
- none - Barbara Follett 2010 no longer an MP
- none - Neil Gerrard 2010 no longer an MP
- none - Ian Gibson 2009 no longer an MP
- none - Jane Griffiths 2005 no longer an MP
- none - Doug Henderson 2010 no longer an MP
- none - Brian Iddon 2010 no longer an MP
- none - Eric Illsley 2011 no longer an MP
Expenses fraud
- none - Martin Jones 2010 no longer an MP
- none - Ken Livingstone - -
- none - Alice Mahon 2005 no longer an MP
- none - Rob Marris 2010 no longer an MP
- none - Laura Moffatt 2010 no longer an MP
- none - Julie Morgan 2010 no longer an MP
Now in Welsh Assembly
- none - Diana Organ 2005 no longer an MP
- none - Colin Pickthall 2005 no longer an MP
- none - Adam Price 2010 no longer an MP
- none - Ken Purchase 2010 no longer an MP
- none - Ernie Ross 2005 no longer an MP
- none - Martin Smyth 2005 no longer an MP
- none - Anthony Steen 2010 no longer an MP
- none - Teddy Taylor 2005 no longer an MP
- none - Paul Tyler MP
Appointed life peer in 2010
- none - Rudi Vis 2010 no longer an MP
- none - Derek Watts ??
- none - Betty Williams 2010 no longer an MP
- none - Tony Worthington 2005 no longer an MP
2010 no longer an MP

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Where's elf and safety when we need em!

Just behind London's square mile there is a mosque that has become so popular with devotees of the religion of "peace" that the brainwashed followers of this dreadful cult have taken to praying in the middle of the road.The mosque is located in Brune Street,Spitfields East London .Many muslims workers from the financial district as well as Whitechapel and near by Brick Lane  have turned up for mid day prayers on a Friday afternoon.As the mosque can only accomadate 100, the followers of this backward cult have taken to praying in the streets ...all facing Mecca of course.Some 300 muslims can be seen occupying this street every Friday.

An act of occupation,coming to a town near you in the near future!

So where is the health and safety zealots when we need them??? Bit puzzling isn't it?Can you imagine what would happen if Christians decided to occupy the middle of a street.I think the old bill would be down on them like a tonne of bricks.What happens if you need to move your car or if an emergency vehicle needed to get through.Would the muslim flock be understanding and politely move out of the way?I think you all know the answer to that one.No we would have to respect their "religion" sit in silence and wait untill they've finished their pathetic little ritual.

Islamic defiance

Why do these muslims feel the need to occupy a street during the afternoon,when there are now hundereds of mosques all over London which can cater for their backward practices?They do it because they can.They do it as an act of defiance.They are completely unable to keep their beliefs to themselves.They are only happy when they are rubbing are faces in it.They see taking over a street for prayer as an act of islamic occupation like a conquering army seizing control over it's vanquished population.These scenes are now becoming more and more frequent in cities with large islamic populations.

Whilst many decent people find this repellent and an afront to the British way of life ,there are still plenty of idiots out there that think it's a wonderful contribution to the rich tapestry of ethnic diversity and multicultural enrichment.

Read some of these comments from the Daily Mail comments section.
Make sure you've got a bucket as a serious case of nausea will follow!

I really didn't know Britain was racist!!! All they are doing is praying, who are they harming!!!! You talk about sexism but you're doing exactly the same!!! Equal opportunities!!! Bring on the red arrows!!!

this is truly a wonderful sight to see how tolerant and inclusive our great country has become and i do agree with sonia this is beautiful and a visible sign of how diverse and tolerant our great country has become and truly makes my heart glow and gives me hope for the future that this can be repeated in our country villages and leafy suburbs of every town and shire and city across the country - dan, newcaslte, 04/02/2012 05:11 :-) yea right! Har de har

Oh lighten up. They aren't hurting anyone. All religons are nonsense to me but every one is free to believe what they want. Diversity should be celebrated.
I’m disgusted at the large number of haters commenting on this positive story. You seem to openly declaring your hate for people that would brave the cold in order to pray, especially those that follow Islam... lets not forget if the whole world preached "an eye for an eye" "the whole world would be blind". There are evil people all over the world, some hide behind religion, some colour and some are evil through and through... don't let the actions of a small number op extremists could your understanding of Islam, this is a religion of peace, love, unity and forgiveness.

look at the diverse range of worshippers from every walk of life, its simple breathtaking, an hour on friday lunchtime is not going to harm anyone wanting to use that tiny street, furthermore the women are most likely praying indoors because that is the most courteous thing to do. those who claim there are no places to demonstrate there faith in RIyadh or anywhere else in saudi arabia are mistaken it has plenty of churches and temples, i know i have lived there, true there are none in the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah, but neither are there any Mosques in the Vatican! furthermore this islamophobia must end Islam has been in Europe for centuries almost a millennia, just ask the Spanish they benefitted the most from the Muslim civilisation, so please Muslims and Islam are not leaving Europe, so this racism needs to stop.

God knows what life will be like in twenty years time if this is allowed to carry on.These people will never integrate,they despise the British way of life.....they only want it one way,their way.