Sunday, 30 January 2011

Why I support the EDL!

With the growing threat of islamic fundamentalism in this country and the islamic colonisation of our towns and cities I welcome the street protests from the English Defence League.The EDL was formed in Luton back in March 2009 as a result of the islamic group Al-Muhajiroun protesting against the Royal Anglian Regiment returning from the Afghan war.Isn't it about time a group of patriotic citizens had the courage to stand up for what is right!Many of us will moan about the threat from islam and will busily punch away on a keyboard adding rants to the various online forums,but how many of us are willing to stand up and be counted? It would be great if we could make a difference on election day and everyone voted for one of the smaller minority Parties that would put an end to mass immigration and get tough with islamic extremists but let's be honest that is very unlikely to happen any time soon.As we all know with our First Past The Post corrupt voting system only the three main parties ever get a look in.The ruling elite will never give us a fairer voting system like Proportional Representation because that would mean giving us more of a say.It would mean smaller patriotic parties like UKIP or even the BNP getting representation parliament.Can you honestly believe the old gang will allow outsiders to join their cosy country club?It will never happen.

Guramit Singh addresses an EDL rally

So what's left for us what choice do we have to make our voices heard?I'm afraid taking to the streets is all we have left.The corrupt old parties never listen,they ignore the problems,they are immune to all the crap Mr & Mrs Joe average have to put up with on a daily basis.They refuse to get tough on islamic extremism,they allow sharia law courts to operate a parrallel law system in the UK.Our weak planning laws allows the building of huge mosques in our towns and cities.The huge mosques minarets tower over our christian churches as a blatant act of islamic domination.Muslim schools brainwash kids to hate jews and christains.They tell them western culture is decadent and evil.Enforced marriages are practised in towns like Bradford where young girls are shipped off to Pakistan to marry some dirty old man from a village she has no connection with.Muslim extremists protest against our troops,shouting insults at them,burning our flag and poppies yet the police protect them.The islamics have now infiltrated our main political parties and gerry madering is now rife in islamic communities.Many plan for the day when islam will take over Britain once and for all.That is the long term goal for every devote follower of islam to turn Britain into an islamic Republic.If you think this premonition is far fetched then you better think again!Just take a look at the countries around the world where Islam has got a foothold trouble always follows.The islamic invasion is not being won by the sword this time it is the birth rate.That is how they will establish a foothold in this country.Mohammed is now the most popular boys name for new born babies in England today.A wake up call we should pay attention to.The muslim population has now gone over the three million mark due of course to Labours deliberate open door immigration policy.This blatant colonisation has caused white flight in many of these towns.Non muslims find it far too dangerous to venture out after dark in these no go areas.

The Californian Rabbi Shifren speaking at an EDL rally in London

So I say all power to the EDL and long may the protests continue untill somebody in power sits up and takes notice.Many people accuse the EDL of deliberately whipping up hatred and causing trouble.This is nonsense and blatant lies put about by the far left.The EDL is not racist it welcomes people to join their protests from all  races and religions.One of there main spokesmen is Guramit Singh a sikh and Rabbi Shifren from California was recently invited to speak at an EDL rally held in London .So to claim the EDL is racist and nazi is just complete ill-informed rubbish.
Every time the EDL protest the usual rabble from the far left turn up to cause trouble and stir up young muslims.These low lives usually from Unite Against Facism go out of there way to organise violence and incite people to riot.How a group can call itself Unite Against Fascism and support a medieval  cult that oppresses woman,incites violence against jews and christians,puts gay people to death and prohibits free speech and the rights of the individual is totally beyond comprehension.Wasn't it Winston Churchill that said "The anti fascist now is the fascist of the future!"

An assorted rabble of far left scumbags that manifest themselves at every EDL rally.

Many EDL members choose to cover their faces while protesting.Some accuse them of looking like paramilitaries.I don't blame them for covering their faces.Would you want your face plastered over some far left website like Searchlight? I know I wouldn't.
Some people don't like the fact that many EDL members are recruited from Football firms."Oh there just soccer hooligans." is the cry from the chattering classes.If you where on a demonstration and where met by a screaming mob of lefties baying for blood who would you want by your side? A street tough or some middle class bespectacled tory type?I know who I'd want by my side.

An EDL member receives medical assistance after being attacked by far left thugs  

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Baroness Warsi accuses the public of Islamophobia

According to Baroness Warsi Islamophobia is now an acceptable form of bigotry that is discussed across the dinner table by us minions the general public!Yes she has finally shown her true colours and has hoist the flag of Allah in the defence of the poor down trodden muslim.Warsi is convinced the British public are being negative towards her beloved cult.

Baroness Warsi is upset over claims of rife Islamophobia

Apparently she see negativity in all walks of life.Here are some of her observations.
"In the factory where they've just hired a muslim worker,the boss say's to all his employees,"Not to worry he's only fairly muslim."
"In the school yard the kids say "The family next door are muslims but they're not too bad."
And "In the road a woman walks past wearing a burka,the passers by think "that woman is either oppressed or she is making a political statement."
The reason so many people are fearful of muslims is there failure to integrate,there fanatical obsession with the Koran,there intolerance of other religions and the way they enforce there culture on us.Since 2001 the muslim population has shot up past the three million mark as a consequence of Labour's open door immigration policy.There are now over 1500 mosques in the UK which has resulted in Islam fast becoming the biggest religion in Britain.These mosques are built to tower over our churches and monuments.This is a deliberate act of dominating defiance over our Christian culture.Many have loud hailers that make the call to prayer several times a day.Many towns and cities in the midlands and the North of England have been turned into islamic colonies.Which are no go areas for non muslims.Even supermarkets stock halal meat as do schools and hospitals usually without informing us.

The huge imposing mosques that dominate many of our Northern Cities are fertile recruiting grounds
for islamic terrorism.

Many of the recent terrorist atrocities have been carried out by muslim devotees that have been recruited in these mosques.After the atrocities of 9/11 and 7/7 we did not here loud condemnation from the muslim community,no marches,no demos....nothing they kept quiet like they always do.
Muslims are also very intolerant of other faiths.There are many reports of muslims dating people from other faiths that are then attacked viciously by members of their own family.Take the recent attack on the actress Aesan Azad ( harry Potter starlet).Her only crime was to date a lad from the Hindu faith.Her brother (Ashref 28) battered her and threatened to kill her unless she stopped seeing the lad and marry a true muslim.Even her own father defended his son's actions and he threatened to take her to Bangladesh for an enforced marriage.This kind of brutality is a way of life for many muslims.Women are mere chattels without rights and those who dare to rebel are punished severely.Britain has now seen a rise in Sharia courts where family disputes are settled by islamic clerics.All marriage disputes will always rule in favour of the man,with the women seen as a wrong doer that should work harder at pleasing her man.In my view there should not be any sharia courts,this should be outlawed.There should be one rule for all,muslims should not be allowed to operate a parallel law system within our country.

Warsi defends the right for muslim women to hide themselves away under
black sheets of cloth

The Baroness has also been noted for defending the burka.According to Warsi "The wearing of the burka does not limit women from engaging in everyday life and whatever one chooses to wear is up to the individual." This argument can so easily be pulled apart.Firstly what about the security issue of concealing ones identity when in public places.If a crime was committed by a person wearing a burka you have no way of identifying that person.If anyone else decided to walk around a shopping centre wearing a balaclava they would be arrested immediately.So when people see groups of muslim women walking around in medieval costume it really does get their backs up! Many muslims use the burka as a way of deceiving people.Take for instance the driving test scam.Muslims where sending qualified drivers to take driving tests on behalf of unqualified learner drivers.
You cannot engage properly with someone wearing a face mask because you cannot tell what they are thinking.You cannot see any expression of emotion on their faces.The wearing of the burka is also very intimidating for a lot of people who see it as an act of defiance by muslims.They are basically saying up yours to the rest of us and they are saying they do not wish to be a part of our society .I also think men that insist their wives wear body coverer's and face veils are trying to hide them from the outside world.They do not want their wives to have the freedom to wear what they want when they want.I also believe it is a way of hiding abuse such as scars and bruises.

Anti Semitic attacks are on the rise 
Muslim extremists shout obscenities at our home coming troop parades
 Warsi does not like the fact that the media put muslims into two categories moderate and extremist.To call them extremist is insinuating we are accusing them of being terrorist and to call them moderate is accusing them of not committing to their religion.How dare they!
Over the past couple of years there has been an increase in muslim extremists protesting against our home coming troop parades and even Remembrance Sunday where muslims burned the poppy.These gangs of islamo fascist thugs would spit and shout obscenities against are brave troops while the Police stand by and protect them.The only arrests made where against patriots making a stand against the muslim protesters.The police are so brainwashed by political correctness they won't dare take action against these low lives for fear of being branded racist or intolerant.
Many jewish people have reported a rise in anti semitic attacks.Some are very fearful of being identified as jewish and will not wear any religious clothing that can identify them.Many muslim extremists attack them over the Palestine issue.The imans brainwash the young in faith schools and mosques with lectures on anti Semitism.Jews and Christians are called pigs that should be stoned to death.
I think Baroness Warsi it's time to decide whether you want to be a democratic politician or a spokesperson for a medieval "religious" cult.By defending this barbaric ideology you are condoning intolerance and you are going against the values and traditions of humanism and libertarianism that this country holds dear!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Marine Le Pen to become new Leader of French National Front

Marine Le Pen has been voted new leader for the French National Front.She will take over the reins of power from her father Jean-Marie Le Pen who founded the party 40 years ago.Marine secured two-thirds of votes against rival Bruno Gollinsch .

Marine 42 takes over as leader from  Jean Marie Le Pen 82.A new direction and a new image awaits FN!

Marine has vowed to modernise the Front and dispose of it's ultra right xenophobic image.In my view this is a good move.I'm afraid if you want to gain popular support and break into the mainstream you have to go to the center.Far right radical idealism will never get popular support and it will never get elected into positions of power.So a different approach is needed.

The French National Front has got to be the biggest nationalist movement in western Europe.In 2002 Le Pen came second in the first round of Presidential elections,but lost the second round to Jacques Chirac.Although Le Pen has failed three Presidential bids the party has grown under his leadership and they usually poll around 15% of the vote.Imagine if we had a party that could achieve that kind of success!

Marine will be cutting links with the BNP  ,which tells us she no longer wants to be associated with a party that will embarrass her new image of sensible centre right politics.I hope she will form an alliance with other like minded patriots across Europe and build a coalition to fight for the downfall of the EU.

There is a good feeling in the air and a sense of revolution across Europe.There are now new parties with good common sense policies fighting back! Holland has the charasmatic Geert Wilders who's Freedom Party formed only 6 years ago now has 24 seats in the Dutch parliament and Wilder's could well go on to be Prime Minister.The Swedish Democrats led by Jimmie Akesson scored 20 seats in the Swedish Parliament back in November.There are also Freedom parties in Switzerland,Austria and recently Germany.

Last year a new party was formed in Britain called British Freedom Party or Freedom for short.This new party was formed by ex BNP members and officials that where disillusioned with the Griffin led party.They realised the BNP was a dead duck and on it's last legs going nowhere.A new party with a new approach to nationalist politics was needed and Freedom was born!

British Freedom Chairman Peter Mullins hopes to replicate the success of European Freedom Parties
with this new brand of moderate nationalism.

The party chairman is an ex RAF man Peter Mullins who has many years experience in nationalist politics.Freedom now has there first ever councillor Mick Simpkin's who recently left the BNP over his disgust  at the way the BNP conducted it's financial dealings with small businesses.Freedom is steadily attracting disenfranchised nationalists looking for a new home and they hope to stand candidates in local elections for the first time this year.The BNP will die on it's arse very soon and a new party is here to take up the challenge and that party is Freedom!

You can find out more about British Freedom by clicking the link button on this page.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Pakistani Child Sex Abuse Case

Recently an Asian gang in Derby was brought to justice for the grooming of underage girls for sex with pakistani men.This case certainly isn't an isolated one and this kind of abuse perpetrated by asian gangs has been going on for years.I can remember the BNP raised this issue over ten years ago and the allegations (backed up by evidence) was dismissed as stirring up Islamaphobia and harming community cohesion.Perhaps if people in authority would have taken action all those years ago then we could have stamped out this evil trade and saved young girls from the hands of these disgusting perverts.

Disgusting perverts! Abid Saddique and Mohammed Liaqat

A total of 59 men where involved in this gang, 53 where asian and 3 white.The two ring leaders where jailed for a total of 19 years.Abid Saddique was jailed for 15 years and Mohammed Liaqat 8 years.The gang would cruise round Derby in flash sports cars blasting rap music to impress impressionable young teenage girls.The gang would befriend the girls and make them feel special showering them with expensive gifts and  trips to posh restaurants.These low life perverts would then ply their vulnerable victims  with drugs and alcohol to relax them.This was all part of the grooming process and once complete trust was gained then the depraved world of vice was introduced to them.These poor girls where treated like mere chattels and where forced to have sex with dirty old men in derelict flats and alleyways.If any of the girls threatened to go to the police or tell their parents they where threatened with violence or they would threaten to kill their parents.

Bit late for stating the obvious ain't it Jack?
Why didn't you speak up years ago Ann?

Jack Straw the former Home Secretary has caused a bit of a stir amongst his fellow marxists! Jack claimed that "Pakistani gangs are preying on young white girls and see them as easy meat."He also urged the Pakistani community to be more open about this issue.The islamic community where outraged at Jack's remarks and Labour MP Keith Vaz said that Jack's comments where a step too far and accused him of stereotyping the whole muslim community.Well at least Jack has said something sensible for once in his life!Another former Labour MP Ann Cryer popped out of the woodwork and urged the asian community leaders to talk about these issues with the young men and tell them that this sort of behaviour is unislamic.It's easy to make a stand now Ann,now that you're out of office and you don't have to worry about losing your islamic block vote.The fact is these people knew this was going on years ago but decided to keep quiet because they where terrified of upsetting the islamic community.They turned the other cheek and hoped the elders would have a word and it would sort it self out.As if the elders of the islamic community will give the pakistani youth a lecture about this kind of behaviour as being unislamic?!..What like the non existant loud protests from the islamic community against islamic terrorism and extremism?
 The fact is this kind of crime is endemic in the Islamic community.A lot of Pakistani young men do see white girls as easy meat.They come from a culture where women are treated as second class citizens,where women are seen and not heard.They cannot have casual affairs with Pakistani girls as Pakistani girls are off limits.These girls are married off to distant cousins in their native Pakistan.So this nasty trade provides an outlet for their lusting depravity.
In my view it's time to stop pussy footing around the Islamic community.They have a choice to make they either start respecting our laws and culture or they jump on a plane back to Pakistan.The Liberal elite have allowed this problem to take route in this country in the name of multi culturalism and political correctness.The ruling elite have made a rod for their own back! 

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Pain on a Train - Quiet Coach - Very Funny!


You're not the only one who's bored of hearing your  bull!

According to Boris Johnson the governments cap on immigration will damage London's chances of competitiveness and will deny the city of much needed talent.Why is it that every time this buffoon opens his mouth total bullshit spews out.So we can't find "talent" in a population of around 62 million? We have some the best universities in the world beaming with talent.In my view the governments immigration cap does not go anywhere near far enough.I would propose a total ban on immigration for at least the next five years and then after that period of time only allow people to come here that are desperately needed such as brain surgeons or scientists.Clowns like Boris will not be satisfied untill we've tarmacked over the whole countryside and the British Isles starts to look more like  a middle eastern madrassa !

One of the many so called "benefits" of mass immigration
a roma gypsy selling the Big Issue