Sunday, 4 December 2011

Thrown in jail for speaking her mind - Emma West

It would seem these days that ranting profanities on public transport is  a crime so heinous it is put up there with murder,well  it is if it involves questioning immigration or multi culturalism.The amount of people that got worked up over this lady's outburst was mind boggling.People had gone to the effort of forming Face book groups calling for her to be locked up and her child thrown into care.She was labeled an abuser and a racist.How many times have we had to endure the ramblings of a drunk or a nutter on public transport.Most of us just ignore it and take no notice.As long as these idiots don't use violence or threaten people...then just ignore it.Most people who rant in public are just craving attention and want a reaction so just take no notice.I can't believe people got their nickers in such a twist over this!

The state is watching you!Say the wrong thing and you could be thrown in jail.

Whilst I don't recommend ranting your views in public I also don't think it is a crime that should result in a court case.All that was needed was a visit from a police officer and a stern warning not to do it again.But no common sense didn't come into play and the race police have decided to prosecute Emma West and her children have been put into care.

Do we know what led Emma West to to spout this tirade?Perhaps there could have been an argument over a seat before hand.Or she may have endured years of intimerdation whilst using public transport and just blew her stack.After watching this video that is what I think.I've met many Londoners that have moved to rural Wiltshire because they could not stand living in London.They all say the same thing ,it's become too multi cultural,it's become too dangerous,it's changed so much they don't feel like they are living in an English city any more.I've met people who have had their cars vandalised ,their windows smashed,rubbish thrown in their garden all to try and force them out of the area so their properties can be sold at below market value to make way for more ethnics.Travelling on public transport in London can be a very dangerous experience.Many black gangs will use these trams and buses.They will put their feet on the seat next to you.They will block the isle so no one can get past and if someone is brave enough to challenge these thugs they will be followed to their next stop and they will have the crap beaten out of them.I've heard these stories over and over again.So is it any wonder that this lady blew her stack?

From what I have seen from this video footage this is a lady that is at the end of her tether.A lady that can no longer button her lip,a lady that has nothing  left to lose,so has just let rip.I would aggree Britain is f****d and yes it is full up.Some parts of England have been so heavily colonised that you would be hard pushed to find an Englishman.I don't think that anyone can call themselves British,there is a bit more to being British than a scrap of paper with a government stamp on it.Imagine what it must be like for the old age pensioner who has seen their old town changed beyond all recognition from a peaceful homogeneous community to some dirty,crime ridden hell hole.A place that has become so dangerous they are imprisoned in their own homes.Or what about the young couples that can't get housed or the children that are not getting educated properly because teachers have to deal with pupils that can't speak english.Does Emma not have a point?Has she only said what most people think anyway?

There must be thousands of Emma Wests out there just waiting to explode.I think this whole episode has been completely blown out of all proportion.I notice there has not been the same cries of condemnation for the lad that was chased by a black gang in London and stabbed to death.As it only seems to matter when it's the other way round.

What a sad society we have now become.