Saturday, 4 February 2012

Where's elf and safety when we need em!

Just behind London's square mile there is a mosque that has become so popular with devotees of the religion of "peace" that the brainwashed followers of this dreadful cult have taken to praying in the middle of the road.The mosque is located in Brune Street,Spitfields East London .Many muslims workers from the financial district as well as Whitechapel and near by Brick Lane  have turned up for mid day prayers on a Friday afternoon.As the mosque can only accomadate 100, the followers of this backward cult have taken to praying in the streets ...all facing Mecca of course.Some 300 muslims can be seen occupying this street every Friday.

An act of occupation,coming to a town near you in the near future!

So where is the health and safety zealots when we need them??? Bit puzzling isn't it?Can you imagine what would happen if Christians decided to occupy the middle of a street.I think the old bill would be down on them like a tonne of bricks.What happens if you need to move your car or if an emergency vehicle needed to get through.Would the muslim flock be understanding and politely move out of the way?I think you all know the answer to that one.No we would have to respect their "religion" sit in silence and wait untill they've finished their pathetic little ritual.

Islamic defiance

Why do these muslims feel the need to occupy a street during the afternoon,when there are now hundereds of mosques all over London which can cater for their backward practices?They do it because they can.They do it as an act of defiance.They are completely unable to keep their beliefs to themselves.They are only happy when they are rubbing are faces in it.They see taking over a street for prayer as an act of islamic occupation like a conquering army seizing control over it's vanquished population.These scenes are now becoming more and more frequent in cities with large islamic populations.

Whilst many decent people find this repellent and an afront to the British way of life ,there are still plenty of idiots out there that think it's a wonderful contribution to the rich tapestry of ethnic diversity and multicultural enrichment.

Read some of these comments from the Daily Mail comments section.
Make sure you've got a bucket as a serious case of nausea will follow!

I really didn't know Britain was racist!!! All they are doing is praying, who are they harming!!!! You talk about sexism but you're doing exactly the same!!! Equal opportunities!!! Bring on the red arrows!!!

this is truly a wonderful sight to see how tolerant and inclusive our great country has become and i do agree with sonia this is beautiful and a visible sign of how diverse and tolerant our great country has become and truly makes my heart glow and gives me hope for the future that this can be repeated in our country villages and leafy suburbs of every town and shire and city across the country - dan, newcaslte, 04/02/2012 05:11 :-) yea right! Har de har

Oh lighten up. They aren't hurting anyone. All religons are nonsense to me but every one is free to believe what they want. Diversity should be celebrated.
I’m disgusted at the large number of haters commenting on this positive story. You seem to openly declaring your hate for people that would brave the cold in order to pray, especially those that follow Islam... lets not forget if the whole world preached "an eye for an eye" "the whole world would be blind". There are evil people all over the world, some hide behind religion, some colour and some are evil through and through... don't let the actions of a small number op extremists could your understanding of Islam, this is a religion of peace, love, unity and forgiveness.

look at the diverse range of worshippers from every walk of life, its simple breathtaking, an hour on friday lunchtime is not going to harm anyone wanting to use that tiny street, furthermore the women are most likely praying indoors because that is the most courteous thing to do. those who claim there are no places to demonstrate there faith in RIyadh or anywhere else in saudi arabia are mistaken it has plenty of churches and temples, i know i have lived there, true there are none in the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah, but neither are there any Mosques in the Vatican! furthermore this islamophobia must end Islam has been in Europe for centuries almost a millennia, just ask the Spanish they benefitted the most from the Muslim civilisation, so please Muslims and Islam are not leaving Europe, so this racism needs to stop.

God knows what life will be like in twenty years time if this is allowed to carry on.These people will never integrate,they despise the British way of life.....they only want it one way,their way.