Saturday, 30 November 2013

Sleep walking towards Armageddon


With just over 4 weeks to go this country is faced with the biggest tidal wave of immigration in it's history. We are led by a spineless yes man that has not got the guts to say NO. The most this man can do is twiddle meagre policies on restricting access to benefits and threaten to deport any immigrant that begs and sleeps rough. There is a far easier solution to put an end to this madness and that is pull out of the EU and close the borders. But  this will never happen under a Conservative ,Labour or Lib Dem government. These traitors have their snouts in the trough and they will never let go of all the lucrative positions the EU has on offer for them The EU is a bolt hole for every failed politician from Kinnock to Mandelson. These traitors have given up our sovereignty to be ruled by Marxists in Brussels. I think this open border policy of free movements of peoples is a way of destroying Britain.
Roma gypsies will be on there way on mass next year
Take a look at any of our major cities now and you could mistake them for a middle eastern out post. London is by far the worst with Leicester, Coventry and Bradford not far behind. We are fast becoming a divided nation of different languages and cultures. Many of them totally incompatible with the British way of life. On the one hand we have a fast growing Islamic community colonising major towns and cities throughout England and the other a fast growing eastern European community competing for minimum wage jobs. Some Eastern Europeans have become good citizens and have made valuable contributions but there are many that should be shown the door. Do we really need car washes? Do we really need beggars selling the big issue? Why is our useless border agency allowing people into our country that have absolutely no skills, cannot speak English and have no way of supporting themselves? It really does beggar belief! 
I dread to think what next year will bring. The very worst of Europe will be making their way to our shores.Beggars, thieves and every type of criminal imaginable. This is a recipe for disaster. Sheffield is already experiencing social problems with Roma gypsies who are making the locals lives a misery. These people are not capable of living in a civilized manner. They have trashed houses, throw rubbish on the streets and spend their days drinking and gambling. One council even produced a leaflet to give out to Roma gypsies with advice on how to conduct themselves .Such advice included do not defecate or urinate in the streets this may upset your neighbours . Use a dustbin for your rubbish, don't have sex in public?? Surely if a leaflet like this needs to be produced this tells you even the Marxists in the council recognise these people are completely uncivilised. Many Roma will make there way to established Roma communities in England next year and life will get a lot worse for the few remaining Brits left there.Eventually these areas will become so overwhelmed they will no longer be able to cope.The services are already at breaking point.What will happen is other councils will be forced to take in these people.So the frightening scenario is they could end up living in your area.This will open the eyes of a lot of people who have not wanted to listen to the problems patriots have been talking about for many years. Many people have a don't see don't care attitude. Next year this will bite them on the arse.
When it gets to a point when your mothers ,wives and daughters are too scared to walk in certain areas because of gangs of Roma running amok then a turning point will be reached.I cannot see ordinary folk putting up with this forever. The politicians don't care about us and the Police are so tied up in pc lunacy it will descend into civil disorder. If Cameron had any spine at all he would do the right thing for Britain close the doors and give us a referendum now.
Roma begging on our streets will become more common place next year


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