Sunday, 27 May 2012

EDL to bring the protest to Bristol

The Bristol division of the EDL will be staging a demonstration in central Bristol on the 14 July.Already this has sent shockwaves through the far left campus.Anyone familiar with Bristol will know it's a hot bed of anarchist/socialist worker lowlife.There is a large grouping that has manifested itself around the Stokes Croft area of the city.A particulary unpleasant unwashed  gang of unemployable drug addled scumbags.This was the scene of a riot last year when a branch of Tescos was burned to the ground.These people have already joined online forums and blogs threatening the EDL with violence if they dare show there faces around "their" city.One local businessman who ran a market stall in the St Nicholas Market had all his stock trashed with white paint by these anarchists because they believed he was a fascist.Infact he is a scooter skin with a love for ska, northern soul and scooter rallies.Yet this was enough for these dickheads to vandalise his stock and ruin his livliehood.Even if he does hold extreme right wing beliefs it doesn't give anyone the right to trash his business.What next assaulting people in the street for having shaven heads and union jack tattoos?

Bristol is a hotbed for radical anarchists and the far left.

Farleft bloggers have posted cartoons of anarchists clutching baseball bats inciting violence against the EDL and urging fellow travellors to take to the streets and give the EDL a good kicking.These bastards have been known to throw calor gas bottles from roof tops onto Police and demonstrators.If the demo does get approval I hope to God it is policed properly otherwise it could turn very nasty.These lowlives are even worse than the UAF.They live in squats around Bristol don't work and they have absolutely nothing to lose.They will not care about getting arrested and will attempt to cause as much mayhem as possible.I would say if the anarchists break through into the demo then the EDL have every right to defend themselves but I don't think looking for a battle with these lowlives will do the EDL's cause any good at all.After all the media always focus on the EDL never the scum that cause trouble in the first place.We must not give the left any ammunition to use against us.If the demo can be kept peaceful then we will hold the moral highground and show these reds up for the contemptable scum they really are.

Anarchist lowlife causing mayhem in Stokes Croft

What amazes me about the far left is the fact they will use violence,intimidation and threatening behaviour against anyone that doesn't aggree with them yet they pretend to be the guardians of individual freedoms.The way this lot behave is no different to Hitler's brown shirts.The tactics are exactly the same.Wasn't it Hitler that trashed shops and broke skulls and yet the so called anti fascists are exactly the same.The EDL are a  human rights organisation protesting against a dangerous medievel cult that would take Britain back to the dark ages.If the muslim population is allowed to keep growing then the freedom of the individual will be erroded.Do the anti fash really believe they will be allowed to carry on spiking their hair,listening to punk music and swigging special brew?These idiots should look at countries like Indonesia or Iraq where people who have chosen alternative lifestyles have been persecuted and murdered.In Indonesia punk rockers have been beaten up by the authorities had their mohicans shaved off and sent to correction centres to learn the error of their ways.Pop star Lady Ga Ga was threatened by islamic fundamentalists on her recent tour of Indonesia.I cannot for the life of me understand why someone that follows a lifestyle like punk would want to defend a fascist cult like islam that would have them persecuted.Many of these people will be quite happy to have a pop at christianity but wouldn't dare be critical of islam because they wouldn't want to appear "racist".Well islam is not a race it's an idealogy.These people are being used by the far left as useless fools.If they did truly believe in individual freedom then they would let the EDL hold their demo in peace and show a bit of respect for different points of view.

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