Sunday, 15 July 2012

The EDL Marched through Bristol with heads held high!

This was to be my third demo with the EDL,this time it was Bristols turn.This demo was greeted with alot more hostility than the the Luton demo.The red/anarchist factions mobilised hundereds of rent a mob from around the country to try and cause as much disruption as possible and make it harder for the Police to marshall the demo.These reds where determined to provoke the EDL marchers into a fight and I'm sure if the Police didn't have enough man power these thugs would have broke through and the whole demo would have descended into a mass punch up.
Brainwashed Adolescents recruited to oppose the EDL
I made my way by train,as soon as we arrived at Bristol Temple Meads we where herded into a compound at the back of the train station while the Police waited for another train to arrive.We must have been there for around an hour before we where allowed to join our muster point.Finally after standing around for an eternity we marched off to the muster point at Redcliffe Wharf.As we marched through Redcliffe Way,we had to endure the hysterical rantings of brainwashed lefties,one woman ran towards the marchers screaming profanities and abuse.There where hundereds of people clicking away on mobile phones and cameras trying to get as many photos as possible.Some I imagine where genuine newspaper journalists others where collecting data for red front organisations.I can only imagine some of these photos will end up on commie web sites.Perhaps to identify marchers so they can then be attacked or intimidated in the future.This is why some marchers choose to conceal their identies with snoods,masks or scarfs.They know that making a stand against Islam can mean death threats,losing their livliehoods or even putting their families in danger.Isn't it a strange country we now live in where muslim women can walk our streets concealing their identies with the burka,yet if an English man/woman decides to conceal their identity on a legal demo they can be arrested for a section 4 offence.
When we finally arrived at our muster point which doubled up as a coach park we stood around for another hour till the Police decided it was safe enough for us to march to Queen Square.At the top of the embankment the reds hurled abuse at us and continued filming and snapping away on their cameras.One EDL man managed to unveil a large ST Georges cross with EDL Kent Division this was greeted with a huge round of applause from the EDL camp,to the annoyance of the reds.The guy had some bottle and he had to make a sharp exit when the reds cottoned on to him.At one point the Police led a batton charge at the reds which again was greeted with cheers and laughter. After chatting with many interesting people it was time for the short march to Queens Square.These reds just wouldn't give up taunting us.We all marched proudly past them with our heads held high ,we didn't care what these brain washed morons thought of us because we all knew that what we where doing was a just and righteous cause.We chanted insults back at them,there was some really funny insults too like "Get a wash,get a wash" or "We pay your benefits,we pay your benefits" as well as "Your not English anymore!".We smiled at them waved at them,we had fun showing these idiots up for the bigots they really are.Most of these dickheads where adolescent students or unemployable squtters that have not grown up and carry on living like anarcho punks from the early eighties.I think alot of these counter protesters where recruited from our universities and colleges where the far left have successfully infiltrated over the years.These young kids are extremely naive and foolish.They probably believe that they are supporting a good cause and that they are being rebellious.Well there not,they are being used as pawns by the far left.If islam does take over this country one day then alternative lifestyles will be the first to go.Make no bones about it,punk,dance, enjoying loud music,drinking wearing what you want will be outlawed and replaced with strict sharia law.So in essence they are supporting an idealogy to flourish that will one day have them persecuted.

As we entered Queens Square the loud PA system blasted out Alex and The Bandits.Great patriotic music that lifts the soul.I made my way to the merchandise tent and purchased an EDL snood and a new t shirt which I will wear with pride to the next demo.To help keep this cause going I recommend all EDL patriots buy into the merchandise because the organisation can not run on thin air.The first speaker to take to the stage was Tony Curtis,he is a brilliant orator that puts his heart and soul into every speech.He urged everyone to tell their family and their workmates about the good work the EDL does.There is no doubt about it we must wake up more and more people about this evil menace that could one day take over our country.The one thing that could help the islamists into power is apathy.Many people I know moan about immigration,the islamisation of England,the EU and the shit cabal that resides in Westminster but when it comes to the crunch they won't stand up and be counted they expect other people to do it for them.Passing round news articles on Facebook,ranting on forums or putting the world to rights down the local wont change anything.Get off your arse and join a demo!Be brave,be a patriot stand up for England!If you can't be arsed to make a stand then don't bother moaning to me because I'm sick of key board warriors!
Kevin Carroll made an appearance and gave a good speech on the cuts to the armed forces and how disgusting our soldiers are treated by this dispicable government.When tories harp on about cutting ,what they mean is cutting our armed fores our police force and institutions that are for the good of the country.They won't cut where cuts are needed like foreign aid or the EU.Now they've cut the armed forces so far back to Boer War levels will that mean pulling out of foreign conflicts and guarding British soil???Not a chance they will still follow America in spreading democracy around the world and supporting corrupt regimes.Soldiers will be made to do more and more tours of Afghan and they will be pushed to exhaustion.I'd like to see our armed forces pulled out of foreign conflicts that don't concern us.They are needed here to protect our land.The enemy is right here in our cities,it's not a goat herder in Afghanistan we need to worry about it's the jihadists in Oldham,Bradford,Tower Hamlets,Leceicester that are here planning jihad.
A transsexual called Jayne then took to the stage.She had been a member of the EDL from day one and nobody cared about her new idenity,all the crowd treated her with respect.I thought she was a very brave person to make a stand like that.She knows that gay and transexual people would be murdered if the islamists got their way.Just watch the Fitna film to see what happens in islamic countries to the gay community.
The final speech came from Chelsea Ann White.She made a fantastic speech and made some very good points.She spoke with passion and you could see she meant every word of it.
The marxist thug Martin Smith arrested yet again for public order offences

The demo came to a close we bid farewell and made our way back to the muster point.This dragged on for ages because the Anti Fa tried to attack the marchers and the Police.Bins where emptied and set fire to,eggs where pelted at us and again we had to endure incoherent verbal abuse from moronic half wit marxoids.Had these arseholes not turned up at the demo there would'nt  have been a need for so many police and we would have all gone home ages ago,but no the Anti Fa where determined to cause trouble. On the whole the EDl behaved peacefully and the only thugs came from the usual rabble of scum that always manifests itself at every patriotic gathering...the UAF.The only threat to democracy comes from this gang of poisonous biggots that use violence and intimidation to suppress freedom of speech.An organisation that is a front for the Socailist Workers Party and is funded by trade unions.Well I have a message for the UAF the EDL is not going away we will march through every town and city in the land we will not be stopped by a fascist gang of unwashed tramps.In the words of Winston Churchill "WE WILL NEVER SURRENDER!"

The muster point


  1. Thanks for a good laugh your blog post is so funny. You're the brainwashed ones not us :-) xx

    1. No I don't think so.EDL patriots are the real rebels,you students are part of the establishment.You know nothing about real rebellion,you are pawns of the far left.You defend an ideaology that would have you persecuted you are the brainwashed imbeciles.Most of you are pathetic mummies boys from wealthy middle class families.Get a job,start washing and join the real world.

  2. We at the Guinness Book of Records have been tipped off about this blog and are very pleased to inform you that you are now the proud holder of a new world record for the most clichés achieved in such a short space of written shit.

    1. You still read it though didn't you and it has certainly acheived it's objective.If my blog has rattled your cage then I've done something right.The fact you've bothered to leave a snide comment shows me I've upset you.LOL!