Sunday, 19 August 2012

Racism cuts both ways-black racist spouts racist tirade on tube train

After Emma West and Jacqueline Woodhouse where exposed by the press for racist rants on public transport,I was quite surprised with the deafening silence from the MSM regarding this young black lady who commited exactly the same act but this time against the white community.This nutcase can be seen angrily posturing up and down shouting racial obscenties aimed squarely at white people.Her remarks are definetly of a racist nature and supremacist.She makes it known to everyone on that train that she hates white people and the more black people the better.Where is the police investigation,the media circus???Where are Hope Not Hate,the Anti Fa and all the other anti racist crusaders????Come on guys your silence is deafening?This video has gone viral and yet none of these race campaigners have come forward to publicly condem this women.Could it be that racism only counts if it's against black and asian people?So when it's the other way round it doesn't count?Surely racism is racism??? To be honest I don't think anyone should be thrown in jail for voicing opinions.In the case of Emma West and Jacqueline Woodhouse a quite word from the old bill would have been more than enough.But the race brigade always want blood.They wanted these womens lives turned upside down,a witch hunt and a public flogging!Both of these women lost their jobs too....for what a drunken rant on a train.Yet it would seem if your black you can say what you want and there is no consequences. This country has a two teir justice system that stinks.It's frustrating people and I can see people starting to take matters into their own hands rather than bothering with the police.

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