Sunday, 2 September 2012

Walthamstow EDL Demo

The latest EDL demo was held in London yesterday in the suburb of Walthamstow.Like the previous Bristol demo numbers where around the 300 mark according to which report you read.This demo was met with even more hostility than the Bristol demo.The Met treated the EDL patriots like wild animals and allowed the islamic/commie scumbags within 6-12 ft of the EDL marchers.Bricks,bottles,firecrackers and wood rained down on the EDL.The UAF and trade unionists managed to mobilise a big turn out to oppose the EDL demo outnumbering the EDL 3 to 1.The police should have shown a bit more gusto and got heavy with this gang of feral left wing scum but instead went for the easy option the co operative EDL patriot.The EDL where determined to reach the meeting point but the UAF led gangs stood in their way.So this time there was no speeches from Tommy,Kev or Paul Weston.Apparently Tommy nearly took a brick to the head and handed the evidence over to the Police for future prosecutions.

The EDL where then kettled in for hours without being able to use toilet facilities or get access to refreshments.Many where searched and many arrested taken to various police stations throughout the capital and then de arrested and released.Many people missed trains and buses and it took them hours to get home.I believe this is a new tactic by the police to deter people from joining future demos.David Cameron always said he will find a way to crush the EDL and this could just be the start of it.They've allowed the EDL to be attacked and now they are trying to distrupt their travel arrangements.The RMT even instructed train drivers to refuse EDL members from travelling on their trains.These union members should get on with doing their jobs and stop trying to dictate marxist agendas to the rest of us.

Many EDL members felt very angry about their treatment from the Metropolitan Police and some have vowed never to protest in London again.Many now want to stop cooperation with the police because the police do not show them any respect.Some EDL members received blows to the head from police batons.The EDL are not troublemakers they are only trying to peacefully protest and bring subjects to light that politicians shy away from.The main source of violence and mayhem always comes from the same suspects.......the left wing unwashed tramps of the UAF.The fact these scumbags continually get away with attacking EDL demonstrations leads me to believe they are state sponsored.
Police batons brutalised EDL protester

If people are prevented from speaking out in public where will it lead to next???

Quite a frightening prospect!


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