Sunday, 23 September 2012

Islamic Colonisation in Burnley

This video by World Wide News Service interviewed two local ladies from Burnley.The American reporter wanted to know what life was like for local white people in this town.The report was quite distressing and I felt deeply disturbed watching it.White females dare not walk the streets after dark in case they get molested by muslim men.White children dare not leave the school gates on their own without a parent because they will be followed mugged and thrown in the canal.While the interview was being filmed a car tried to block the filming and summoned a flash mob on his mobile to try and put a stop to the filming.One of the ladies decided to make herself scarce and ran off because she knew what was coming next if she stayed talking to the reporter.The interviewer then began talking to some local muslim lads.He asked them if they believed in sharia law.One said he did but it wont happen at the moment and would only happen in a muslim country.He then went on to explain that Britain would be much better as an islamic nation and sharia law would be good.A lot of these lads where dressed in full islamic garb.As more muslims gathered glass bombs where thrown down on the film crew by angry muslims.

The American reporter was astonished to see this in the heart of an old English northern town.The area had been islamified and was now a no go area to non muslims.Local white females are constantly harrassed for sex and treated like prostitutes.The ladies warned people that if this comes to your town keep your children (especially daughters) close to you at all times.Many indigenous people left this area to go and live in areas that are still English,which seems to be the pattern all too often.Sociologists call it white flight.But people can't run forever,sooner or later a tipping point will come and we either stand up and fight or submit.The way this is developing we could have a civil war in twenty years.

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